Welcome to Field Community School

WE OFFER: Full Band • Jazz Band • Rock Band • Choirs (Both Audition and Non-audition) • Orchestra • General Music • Guitar • Art • Spanish • Physical Education • Special Education • Athletics tied to Washburn • Student Leadership • AVID (Grades 6-8) • Minneapolis Kids Child Care (After-school) • Autism Program and more!  Click on Course Offerings to see all available courses.

The school hours are 8:05 a.m. to 2:35 p.m.

Art Supplies Needed!

Art classes are back at Field!  Ms. Butler, is seeking donations that you may already have on hand.  Your donations will help to ensure that creativity and learning begins as soon as school does.  Donations can be dropped off at Field beginning August 14th.  Thank you for your support!  If you have any questions, please email brenda.butler@mpls.k12.mn.us - Student schedules will be posted on the parent portal the week of August 21st.

Art supplies for students in art classes is updated on the school supply list.

Watercolor sets (white plastic 8 color)

Fabric - clean, whole pieces

thread, needles, other sewing supplies

inerior house paint - all colors

large yogurt containers with lids

aluminum foil

fishing line


small pieces of wood, dowels, etc. (for sculpture)


Sanctuary Resolution

You will find important information

Robo Calls Information

Here is information so that you can edit which phones/emails will get robo calls.

Attendance Matters

Call 612-668-3640 to report student absences.


Please click here for commonly asked questions.  Be sure to call us for clarification or for answers that you are seeking and are not listed here.

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If your child's bus is late, the transportation department asks that you call them directly so they can keep track of routing issues.  Call 612-668-2300.  You may also request a 'radio check'.  The driver has to check in their time with dispatch when they arrive at a stop.  Please note, you may be on hold for up to 20 minutes on busy days.  Be patient, it is important for them to get your calls.  Thank you!