01/11 classwork/homework
Friday, January 11, 2013

Warm-up:  Practice problems for equivalent fractions on Promethean Board.

Classwork:  Discussed answers to Unit #4, page 19, and then began working on page 20

Turned-in:   nothing

Homework:  Finish up the comparisons for page 20... diagramming the fractions and comparing their relative size (Are they <, >, or =)

  • The first pair of grids should be used to compare 7/8 and 5/6
  • The second pair of grids should be used to compare 4/6 and 7/12
  • The third pair of grids should be used to compare 13/24 and 29/48

When finished, students should try to think about how you would know the comparision of 2 fractions mathematically, without needing to diagram them out.


  • I am having problems with my GRADEBOOK.  Updates to grades are currently not saving correctly, and GPA for the quarter might not display correctly for individual students.
    • I will repeat this message here and on my web page until we have repaired the problem in the GRADEBOOK, and are confident of correct totals.