02/02 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Lessons-Part 1:    None - Today students truned-in their old CMP text "Data Distributions", and then we went to check out new CMP text... "What Do You Expect" (WDYE)

Classwork:  Began reading and working on our new CMP text "What Do You Expect" - Discussed difference between experimental probability and theoretical probability, and defined equations/formula for each (should be written into students' notes) - began working on WDYE problem #1.1 (pg.6) -playing the match/no-match game. (We will continue working on Problem #1.1 tomorrow.)

Turned-in:   Math with Pizzazz worksheet E-34 (Percent -mixed applications)
Homework:    WDYE - A.C.E. pg. 10: #1-2                                     
**Remember, all assignments that are worksheets, and are not in one of our text books, are also available as PDF document downloads on my webpage.


  • students can come and work with Mr. Usem a variety of times each day, if they need extra help. Available times are posted in the classroom, as well as on Mr. Usem's webpage