02/13 classwork/homework
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Warm-up:  Problems on Promethean Board.

Classwork:  Distribute new Unit #6 packets. Discuss the concept of the need and use of a decimal point through examining patterns within our warm-up exercise.

Turned-in:    nothing

Homework:   Students should clean out math binder of materials from previous units. (...saving them in a place where they can reference them later, if desired.)

  • I would suggest students KEEP pages 10 and 37 from their Unit #4 packet, as these will be good resources for student use during Unit #6, as well as any notes that students might find useful in helping them work with fractions, percents, and decimals.


Warm-up 2/13/13
Warm-up from Promethean Board 2/13/13