02/17 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lessons-Part 1:  From Promethean Board [...see below]

Classwork:   Discussed "Lesson-Part1" extensively, how to identify a proportional relationship, and represent that relationship by the equation y = kx ,   or    y / x = k ;  Also, went over homework, discussing proportional relationships, and began working on "oractice workshgeet for Learning Target  #4.1 quiz (Tomorrow!)

Turned-in:   2 assignments from last week - turned-in TOGETHER as ONE ASSIGNMENT with total items of MSA -A.C.E.  pg. 15: #10-12, 23-24

Homework:  Practice worksheet (yellow color) for Learning Target #4.1 -Proportional relationships  [...available as a downloadable PDF document below]   

Notes:  Quiz Tomorrow (Wednesday) on Learning Target #4.1 -representing proportional relationships.

QUIZ -RETAKES:  Students who received a score of 8 or less on Learning Target quizzes LT-1.4 and LT-1.5 on Cylinders (surface area and volume) should come in to re-take them. Students will have a total of 3 weeks (ONLY until March 6th) to do a re-take. To re-take a quiz, students should come with their old quiz, and for any problems for which they did not receive full-credit they should have them re-done CORRECTLY on a separate piece of paper... showing all their work.  This "re-do" of the problems will be their ticket to be able to re-take the LT quiz.




Lesson -PART 1- From Promethean Board (2/17/15)
Lesson -PART 1- From Promethean Board (2/17/15)
PDF Practice worksheet for Learn. Tgt. #4.1 (Proportional relationships)   --  Practice worksheet for Learn. Tgt. #4.1 (Proportional relationships)