02/19 Classwork & Homework
Friday, February 19, 2016

Lessons-Part 1:    - Write the following as unit rates.  (write your answer as a ratio with labels)

     1) 20 donuts in 10 days                       2) 375 miles in 15 hours
     3) 15 cars in 30 days                            4) 2 minutes for 80 jumping jacks
     5) 20 minutes for 160 mosquitos        6) 2000 pennies in $20
     7) in 60 days I used 90 pencils            8) 16.5 pizzas per 20 minutes

  Once you write one for each, can you write a different, 2nd one for each,
  that is still an accurate unit rate?

Classwork:  Checked out our new CMP text book "Moving Straight Ahead" to begin our next unit on linear relationships (linear algebra), and discusssed some preliminary concepts.

Turned-in:   returned students' CMP text book "What Do You Expect"

Homework:   none

Notes:   Students should have a supply of graph paper and some colored pencils in their binder for use during our new unit.
Students who did not finish the LEARNING TARGET QUIZ  (LT #4.6 & 4.7) today, need to arrange time to do so outside of class. Quizzes shoud be completed by Monday, at the latest.  Options for finishing are:
  • Before-school
  • B.E.S.T. class
  • Recess
  • After-school
  • other times, as arranged with teacher