03/20 classwork/homework
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Warm-up:  Task on the Promethean Board - How many different polygons can you name?   - Start a NEW page... and make a list of them, and a brief description of each.  -Title the page: "POLYGONS I ALREADY KNOW"  (see illustration below)

Classwork:  We handed out the new Unit #5 packets "Measuring Polygons" on 2-D geometry and mesurement... Students cut-out and created "Shape Card" sets of 40 different "Shape Cards".  Students will need to keep track of these shape card sets and bring them to class each day during Unit #5. They should be kept in their math binder.  Students who lose them during this unit will still need them and will be expected to make new sets on their own time and at their own expense.

Turned-in:    [OPTIONAL] Extra-Credit Pizzazz worksheet pg. B-33 (Pink)

Homework:   3 things...

  • Clean-out their math binders of everything except the NEW Unit #5 packet... BUT RETAINING any notes and important pages from earlier units that would be good resources to keep in their binder.  Old packet pages should not be thrown away but be kept in a safe place at home for access later, if necessary, for help in the subject matter or for missing assignments.
  • Finish writing out the warm-up exercise from today. (See above)
  • Finish creating their "Shape Card" sets, if they had not completed them in class.


Warm-up 3-20-2013
Warm-up from Promethean Board (3/20/2013)