04/06 Classwork & Homework
Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Lessons-Part 1:   Copy and write each of the following ratios, that are listed as decimals, as a ratio of two quantities:

  1)   0.12  = _______           2)   0.3     = _______           
  3)   0.45  = _______           4)  1.75    = _______   
  5)   0.9   = _______             6)  -0.75   = _______


  1. Finished discussing MSA -Problem #4.1 (pg.71)
  2. corrected homework
  3. began working on MSA -Problem #4.2 (pg.72)

Turned-in:    MSA - A.C.E.  pg.78: #1 / pg.85: #36  (H/W pass... pg.78: #1)

Homework:   MSA -Problem #4.2 (pg.72)  -students should use Labsheet #4.2 when doing "Part A" - [...available as a downloadable PDF ducoment below]

Notes:   Students should have a supply of graph paper and some colored pencils in their binder for use during this unit.
  • Students who received a score of 70% or below on Learning Target quizzes need to re-take them to improve their score and to receive a passing grade showing that they understand the learning target. The cut-offs for re-takes are:
    • LT #5.1/5.2 - Linear/proportional relationships - students who received a score of 25 or less (out of possible 35 pts.)   -[DEADLINEMon, Apr. 18]

In order to do a re-take, students need to KEEP their old quiz, and BRING it in, with the correct answers (with explanations) on a SEPARATE FORM on the items they missed. [RETAKE FORMS AVAILABLE IN MR. USEM'S ROOM, or are available as a downloadable PDF  document on his WEBPAGE] This will qualify them "ready to re-take" the quiz. Re-takes are to be done outside of regular class time, and can be done before-school, after-school, during recess, or during B.E.S.T. class. Students should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to do the re-takes. Students will have 2 weeks from when the quizzes are handed back to complete the re-take.




PDF MSA- LABSHEET 4.2 (for use with Problem #4.2)   --  MSA- LABSHEET 4.2 (for use with Problem #4.2)