04/13 Classwork & Homework
Monday, April 13, 2015

Lessons-Part 1:      None... began working right away at completing CMP Text " Kaleidescopes, Hubcaps, & Mirrors" (KHM) Problem 5.1 (PINK handout), that we began working on Friday.

Classwork:   Lesson on Reflections - using handout of CMP Text " Kaleidescopes, Hubcaps, & Mirrors" (KHM) Problem 5.1 (PINK handout)  Worked on Part A today-  [Lesson, and Labheets 5.1A & 5.1B available for use with this lesson, ...as a downloadable PDF documents below]

Turned-in:   nothing

Homework:  Complete classwork (above) if not completed in class today.

Notes:  Students who were not able to complete today's Learning Target Quiz in class, need to make arrangements to complete the quiz outside of class [before-school / BEST class / recess / after-school]


QUIZ -RETAKES:                

  • No re-takes are available at this time.
  • Students need to come in outside of class to re-take them.  To re-take a quiz, students should come with their old quiz, and for any problems for which they did not receive full-credit they should have them re-done CORRECTLY on a SEPARATE piece of paper... showing all their work, both what they did wrong initially, and showing how to do it correctly.  This "re-do" of the problems will be their ticket to be able to re-take the LT quiz.


PDF KHM - Problem 5.1 lesson text   --  "Kaleidescopes, Hubcaps, & Mirrors" (KHM)- Problem 5.1 lesson text handout
PDF KHM -Labsheets 5.1A & 5.1B   --  "Kaleidescopes, Hubcaps & Mirrors" (KHM) -Labsheets 5.1A & 5.1B, for use with Problem 5.1