04/15 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:  Copy and Complete... (Do not use a calculator)

 (1)  -121 - (-77) = ____  

 (2)  -35 X 123 = ____   

 (3)  -6 X (-79) = ____  

 (4)  -156 / 24 = ____ 

Classwork:  M.S.A  Problem #3.5 (pg. 55-56)

Turned-in:   Nothing

Homework:   Complete Math with Pizzazz worksheet (pg.212) on solving equations... if not finished in class today  [Show all your work using the "balancing method" on a separate piece of paper]  OPTIONAL:  You can also do (pg.210), the other side, showing all your work on a separate piece of paper, for EXTRA CREDIT POINTS.   -   [Available as scanned document... check out the section of LINKS to the download-able scanned worksheets on my webpage, at the top-right corner by the Classwork/Homework links.]


* During this unit we will be doing quite a bit of graphing.  I suggest that students purchase a supply of graph-paper (the kind that has light blue, green, or peach colored lines for the grid) for use in their assignments in class and homework. Students might also want to have a small set of colored pencils with them to help with graphing. With these tools I have seen that students will do a much better job in their graphing, will accomplish it more easily, and the graphs will not only look better, but will also be more useful as a learning tool.