04/18 Classwork & Homework
Friday, April 18, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:  None

Classwork:  Quiz today - on the symbolic "balancing" method of solving linear equations, and on application of solving euqations in real-world problems.

Turned-in:   Quiz  (...students who did not finish the quiz today will have some time in class on Monday to complete the quiz.... approx 15 minutes, not the entire period... if more time is needed they will need to arrange to come in to finish outside of regular class time.)


  1. If not finished for today, students should complete M.S.A. - A.C.E. pg. 62: #24-26 (this was actually due today)
  2. Math with Pizzazz Worksheet (pg.211) [GREEN color] -solving equations that involve the distributive property
    • All problems should be done on a separate piece of lined paper using the symbolic "balancing" method, and should all include a "check"
    • Students should work on problems #1-8 for Monday
    • Problems #9-16 are EXTRA-CREDIT if students choose to complete them.
    • Note:  These problems involve leaving answers as simplified fractions, which I know is more difficult for some students.  As always, students should make a determined effort on homework assignments for 30-40 minutes... if they are having difficulty, at that point they should stop working on the assignment and come to school with the assignment the next day where we can discuss the issues they are having and help them though those issues. [...this is always standard policy for homework.... students are not expected to put in "hours" doing homework problems.]
    • [THIS ASSIGNMENT will be available as scanned document... check out the section of LINKS to the download-able scanned worksheets on my webpage, at the top-right corner by the Classwork/Homework links]