04/19 Classwork & Homework
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lessons-Part 1:    Copy & Solve...  -showing your work using the "balancing method"  (+ a written "check")

                  -2x + 58  =  98 - 4x


  1. Corrected MSA - A.C.E.  pg.62: #24   [No H/W Pass]
  2. Began working on MSA Investigation 3 Additional Practice Review Packet [GREEN] (3 pages) -Unfinished portions of this packet should be considered Homework, Due tomorrow  (...available as a downloadable and printable PDF document below)  -This will be collected for a grade and turned-in with each students' quiz

Turned-in:    nothing

Homework:  Complete MSA Investigation 3 Additional Practice Review Packet [GREEN] ...if not finished in class today

REMINDER:  At most, homework is designed such that students should spend 30-40 minutes maximum of focused effort on their homework assignments on any night. (*Please note that not all assignments are designed to take 30-40 minutes, that is only the maximum time... most homework assignments should be able to be accomplished in less time.) If an assignment is taking longer than that, students should stop working, and come in with the work, as completed, for class the next day to discuss with the teacher the issues the student may be having that is making it difficult for him/her to complete the assignment

Notes:   There will be a Learning Target Quiz TOMORROW, Thursday, on LT #6.2 (solving multi-step equations)


  • Any students may re-take Learning Target quizzes to try to improve their score and to receive a passing grade showing that they understand the learning target. The top grade possible on a quiz "re-take" is an 85% score (a solid "B" grade)The highest grades possible for re-takes are:
    • ...for LT #5.4/5.5 - [slope / y-intercept / coefficients in linear functions] - A score of 15.5 out of possible 18 pts.

In order to do a re-take, students need to KEEP their old quiz, and BRING it in, with the correct answers (with explanations) on a SEPARATE FORM on the items they missed. [RETAKE FORMS AVAILABLE IN MR. USEM'S ROOM, or are available as a downloadable PDF document on his WEBPAGE] This will qualify them "ready to re-take" the quiz. Re-takes are to be done outside of regular class time, and can be done before-school, after-school, during recess, or during study-hall in Advisories on Thursdays. Students should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to do the re-takes. Students will have at least 2 weeks from when the quizzes are handed back to complete the re-take.

  • (Deadline for LT #5.4/5.5 is: Monday, May 1)


PDF MSA -Inv. 3 Additional Practice Review Packet   --  MSA Investigation 3 Additional Practice Review Packet [GREEN]