04/20 Classwork & Homework
Monday, April 20, 2015

Lessons-Part 1:      Check the homework assignment answers people at your table group. 

Classwork:   3 things:

  1. Returned and went over Quiz (LT #6.2 & #6.3)
  2. Took Quiz on LT #4.5 (transformations)
  3. Had a tutorial on the upcoming MCA Math test

Turned-in:   nothing  (However, students should keep in mind that we WILL be handing in their homework from over the weekend, the MSA linear algebra review-packet, later this week. Students who did not finish it over the weekend should be sure to get it completed, as it will be worth 20-points... "double" a regular homework assignment.)

Homework:  Complete MSA (Linear Algebra unit) Review Packet (BEIGE handout - 6 pages) ...if ot already finished; it was started in class last Friday.    [...available as a downloadable PDF document on the Friday, 4/17/15 entry]



QUIZ -RETAKES:                

  • Students who earned a score of 15 or less on Learning Target quiz #6.2/6.3  -
    • [Re-takes available ONLY thru Friday, May 8]‚Äč
  • Students need to come in outside of class to re-take them.  To re-take a quiz, students should come with their old quiz, and for any problems for which they did not receive full-credit they should have them re-done CORRECTLY on a SEPARATE piece of paper... showing all their work, both what they did wrong initially, and showing how to do it correctly.  This "re-do" of the problems will be their ticket to be able to re-take the LT quiz.