04/22 Classwork & Homework
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lessons-Part 1:      none. 

Classwork:   THERE WAS NO M.C.A. - TESTING TODAY... it was cancelled by the MN Dept of Education, due to problems with the test administration. (It is my understanding that testing will resume tomorrow, on Thursday, April 23).

  • Classwork today was to work on a 2nd review packet for our unit on linear algebra. This packet was a 6-page packet (BLUE-color) [...available as a downloadable PDF document below]

Turned-in:   nothing  

  • (However, students should keep in mind that we WILL be handing in their homework from over last weekend, the MSA linear algebra review-packet #1 (BEIGE-COLOR) tomorrow, on Thursday, April 23. THIS IS A CHANGE IN DATE FROM WHAT WAS EARLIER STATED, BECAUSE, DUE TO THE INABILITY TO BE ABLE TO TAKE THE MCA-TEST TODAY, STUDENTS HAD THE ENTIRE PERIOD TO WORK ON THIS ASSIGNMENT IF IT WAS NOT ALREADY FINISHED.  It will be worth 20-points... "double" a regular homework assignment.)

Homework:  Complete MSA (Linear Algebra unit) Review Packet #2 (BLUE-color).  It was handed out in class today.

  • Students should remember to complete MSA (Linear Algebra unit) Review Packet #1 (BEIGE-color) ...if not already finished; it was started in class last Friday.    [...available as a downloadable PDF document on the Friday, 4/17/15 entry]
  • REMINDER:  At most, homework is designed such that students should spend 30-40 minutes maximum of focused effort on their homework assignments on any night. (*Please note that not all assignments are designed to take 30-40 minutes, that is only the maximum time... most homework assignments should be able to be accomplished in less time.) If an assignment is taking longer than that, students should stop working, and come in with the work, as completed, for class the next day to discuss with the teacher the issues the student may be having that is making it difficult for him/her to complete the assignment.  KEEP IN MIND, HOWEVER, THAT EACH CLASS HAD A MINIMUM OF 30 MINUTES TO WORK IN THIS REVIEW ASSIGNMENT IN CLASS LAST FRIDAY & 45 MINUTES TODAY, INCLUDING POTENTIALLY 4 DAYS OF HOMEWORK TIME, SO THE AMOUNT OF WORK THEY SHOULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED BY THIS THURSDAY IS FROM A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TOTAL WORKING TIME.



QUIZ -RETAKES:                

  • Students who earned a score of 15 or less on Learning Target quiz #6.2/6.3  -
    • [Re-takes available ONLY thru Friday, May 8]‚Äč
  • Students need to come in outside of class to re-take them.  To re-take a quiz, students should come with their old quiz, and for any problems for which they did not receive full-credit they should have them re-done CORRECTLY on a SEPARATE piece of paper... showing all their work, both what they did wrong initially, and showing how to do it correctly.  This "re-do" of the problems will be their ticket to be able to re-take the LT quiz.


PDF M.S.A. Review Packet #2 (linear algebra) -6 pages   --  M.S.A. Review Packet #2 (linear algebra) -6 pages