05/13 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:  Below are equations for lines... Copy them down.   What is the slope of each of the following lines?

  A.)   y = 3x + 15

  B.)   6 + 1.5x = y

  C.)   y - 10 = 0.6x

  D.)   y = 5(2x + 3)

Classwork:   M.S.A. Problem #4.1

Turned-in:   nothing

Homework:  Complete classwork above, not completed in class today:   M.S.A. Problem #4.1 (Parts A & B)

Notes:  Students who did not do well on the last quiz and scored below 75% are encouraged to come in to go over he quiz with Mr. Usem... see policy below.


Quiz Re-Take policy: Any students who received a score of less than 75% can re-take that quiz. Re-take quizzes are somewhat shorter than the original.Students need to re-do any incorrect items from their quiz on a separate piece of paper, and show that to Mr. Usem (along with the original quiz) in order to be able to take the re-take.  Quiz re-takes are to be taken outside of class time, as arranged with Mr. Usem [Possible times are before/after school, during recess, during BEST (with permission of BEST teacher)