05/29 Classwork & Homework
Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:  none

Classwork:  Completed the Benchmark Exam on Units 4 & 6 - Proportional and linear relationships - and we entered the data into the computer.

Turned-in:   the Benchmark Exam

Homework:  Same as Yesterday's...  Math with Pizzazz - pg. 214 (DUE: Monday, June 2)  -  [Pizzazz pg. 213 on the other side is available as EXTRA-CREDIT... to receive extra-credit students must do page 213 on a separate piece of lined-paper, showing their work, using the symbolic "balancing" method for solving the equation... also due: Mon, June 2] -- AVAILABLE as a document download on the 5/28/14 Classwork/Homework entry, or on the download section of my main webpage

Notes:  The PORTAL has been updated with all regular and late assignments received through Tuesday, May 27.   Progress reports were handed out to all math students either today or yesterday detailing all missing assignments.

  • Any "LATE" assignments, and any quiz/test "RE-TAKES", for 4th Quarter need to be completed and submitted to Mr. Usem by Friday, May 30, to receive credit.
  • Students who did not do well on any of the last quizzes and scored below 75% are encouraged to come in to go over the quiz with Mr. Usem... see policy below.


Quiz Re-Take policy: Any students who received a score of less than 75% can re-take that quiz. Re-take quizzes are somewhat shorter than the original.Students need to re-do any incorrect items from their quiz on a separate piece of paper, and show that to Mr. Usem (along with the original quiz) in order to be able to take the re-take.  Quiz re-takes are to be taken outside of class time, as arranged with Mr. Usem [Possible times are before/after school, during recess, during BEST (with permission of BEST teacher)