05/30 Classwork & Homework
Friday, May 30, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:  Write down definitions for (1) Theoretical Probability, and (2) Experimental Probability.

Classwork:  "What Do You Expect" unit on probability - Investigation 1.1  [no text for this unit - Distributed Packet to students today - AVAILABLE as a document download BELOW, or on the download section of my main webpage]

** STUDENTS WHO WERE NOT IN CLASS TODAY DUE TO A FIELD TRIP, OR FOR OTHER REASONS, ARE EXPECTED TO GO OVER INVESTIGATION 1.1, AND COMPLETE ALL PARTS "A" THROUGH "D", INCLUDING PERFORMING THE SPINNER GAME "MATCH / NO-MATCH".  [There is a "Labsheet" included in the downloadable packet, at the very end, that can be used in keeping track of the data generated by playing the spinner game.]  Because so many students were absent today, we will go over the results of the investigation on Monday, during class.

Turned-in:   nothing


  • Complete WDYE Investigation 1.1 from today, if not completed in class
  • Math with Pizzazz - pg. 214 (DUE: Monday, June 2)  -  
  • [Pizzazz pg. 213 on the other side of the purple worksheet is available as EXTRA-CREDIT... to receive extra-credit students must do page 213 on a separate piece of lined-paper, showing their work, using the symbolic "balancing" method for solving the equation... also due: Mon, June 2] -- AVAILABLE as a document download on the 5/28/14 Classwork/Homework entry, or on the download section of my main webpage

Notes:  As of this morning, the PORTAL has been updated with all regular and late assignments received through Thursday, May 29.   

  • Any "LATE" assignments, and any quiz/test "RE-TAKES", for 4th Quarter needed to be completed and submitted to Mr. Usem by TODAY Friday, May 30, to receive credit.
  • Students who did not do well on any of the last quizzes and scored below 75% are encouraged to come in to go over the quiz with Mr. Usem... see policy below.


Quiz Re-Take policy: Any students who received a score of less than 75% can re-take that quiz. Re-take quizzes are somewhat shorter than the original.Students need to re-do any incorrect items from their quiz on a separate piece of paper, and show that to Mr. Usem (along with the original quiz) in order to be able to take the re-take.  Quiz re-takes are to be taken outside of class time, as arranged with Mr. Usem [Possible times are before/after school, during recess, during BEST (with permission of BEST teacher)


PDF What-Do-You-Expect Invest.1 + ACE packet   --  What-Do-You-Expect Invest.1 + ACE packet