09/04 Classwork & Homework
Thursday, September 04, 2014

Lessons-Part 1: From Promethean Boeard (...see image below)

Classwork:  Accentuate The Negative (ATN) Page 11, Problem #1.2    [see the LINK on my main webpage for a downloadable "number lines" sheet for use with Problem #1.2] .

Turned-in:   nothing

Homework:  Homework differs by period today...

  • Periods 1 & 4:  A.T.N. -ACE Problems pg. 16: #9-19
  • Periods 6 & 7:  Complete problem #1.2 (pg. 11) - [ALL Parts A thru F]

Notes:    Please note that sometimes different classes will have different assignments for homework each day; it depends on how far each particular class was able to get on the day's classwork, and on what I feel that particular class is ready to handle.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, and usually occurs because one class or another has gotten into an interesting deeper discussion of a math topic during their regular lesson that led us astray for a short time (these "side-trips" can be very valuable math discussions, and are seen as positive interaction amongst the students that can help to deepen their understanding). Of course, it is also possible that a class has gotten a bit behind another due to the students in that class not working as hard as they should have. In any case, please be assured that all students will eventually complete all of the same assignments, even though their pace may differ temporarily.



Lesson-PART 1 from Promeathean Board (9-4-14)
Lesson-PART 1 from Promeathean Board (9-4-14)