09/09 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:   Write addition number sentences for the following situations, using a "_____" for the missing information, and then solve the problem:

1)  The temperature started at 14 degrees, and there was a change of  -19 degrees. What was the ending temperature?

2)  The temperature started out at -9 degrees, and after dropping, the temp settled at  -16 degrees overnight. What was the change in temp?

3)  I owed Billy-Sue-Bob $25.00 for a radio I purchased from him. After I purchased a used bike from him, I now owe him a total of $94.00. What was the change in what I owed Billy-Sue-Bob?


Classwork:   A.T.N. (pg.14), Problem #1.4

Turned-in:   Nothing

Homework:  None... other than studying for the Learning Target QUIZ TOMORROW.

Notes:   The class syllabus was handed out today.    Learning Target QUIZ TOMORROW