09/10 Classwork & Homework
Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Lessons-Part 1:   None

Classwork:   A.T.N. (pg.14), Problem #1.4;   +PLUS took a QUIZ on Learning Targets #1.1 & #1.2

Turned-in:   Quiz

Homework:  Complete A.T.N. (pg.14), Problem #1.4, if not completed in class today.

Homework NOTE: Students should spend from 20-30 minutes on any math homework assignment. If a student puts in a maximum of 30 minutes on the assigned homework, he/she should stop working, and come to class to get additional help. Students should not be putting in longer times on homework assignments... needing to do so is an indication of some additional skills reinforcement or re-teaching necessary, and the student should seek out such at school.]

Notes:   The class syllabus has been handed out.