09/19 Classwork & Homework
Monday, September 19, 2016

Lessons-Part 1:  - Write addition number sentences that have at least 5 addends (things you're adding together) where 2 or more of the addends are negative, and the sentence equals the following numbers:

  1) ...must equal 15
  2) ...must equal -15
  3) ...must equal 23.5
  4) ...must equal -12.75


  1. Corrected Homework
  2. Began working on ATN - Problem 2.1 (pg.22-24)

Turned-in:    COMBINED Homework assignment... ATN- A.C.E. pg.18-20: #32-39, 42-43, 49-54 (This was originally given as 2 homework assignments... ATN - A.C.E. pg. 18: #32-38 and ATN - A.C.E. pgs.19-20: #39, 42-43, 49-54)

Homework:   None


REMINDER:  At most, homework is designed such that students should spend 30-40 minutes maximum of focused effort on their homework assignments on any night. (*Please note that not all assignments are designed to take 30-40 minutes, that is only the maximum time... most homework assignments should be able to be accomplished in less time.) If an assignment is taking longer than that, students should stop working, and come in with the work, as completed, for class the next day to discuss with the teacher the issues the student may be having that is making it difficult for him/her to complete the assignment