10/01 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Warm-up:  See below

Classwork:    We continued working on Filling and Wrapping, Problem #3.3.

Turned-in:    nothing

Homework:   complete CMP "Filling & Wrapping" Problem #3.3 (pg 36) -all parts A/B/C. 

Notes:     Students who scored less than 70% on the "Circle Quiz" and who want to re-do the Quiz, should:

  1. meet with Mr. Usem to go over the quiz and their mistakes
  2. complete some additional practice problems in the area of difficulty
  3. schedule a re-take appointment (see the "home" webpage for a list of available times to come in)
Warmup (10/1/13)
Warmup from Promethean Board (10/1/13)