10/09 classwork/homework
Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Classwork:  Today we discussed more about multiplying multi-digit numbers the "Old-School" standard algorithm method. We completed a practice worksheet (M-1, on grid-paper) in class, and students that demostrated they understood the method were then advanced to another problem set of greater difficulty.

Turned-in:   nothing

Homework:  Students should, FIRST, complete any problems from today's practice worksheet (M-1, on grid-paper) that they were not able to complete in class, and then work on the homework assignment of... Unit 1 packet, pages 41-42.  (on these pages, do NOT use the printed instructions for each probrlem, but merely do the multiplication problem inn the workspace given using the "Old-school" algorithm method.) Please take special care to do your work NEATLY.

Notes:  PERIOD 6 --> did not get to the page 41-42 assignment today, but should merely complete the practice worksheet from today's classwork. They will get this assignment at a later date.