10/11 classwork/homework
Thursday, October 11, 2012

Classwork:  We worked on practicing multi-digit multiplication using the "Old-school" algorithm method.

Turned-in:   nothing


Students should currently be working on one of 7 different multiplication practice worksheets, depending on demonstrated proficiency. They could have:

  • M-1 : (the grid-paper worksheet)
  • AW-117 : ...with 2-digit numbers, first problem is (63 x 19)
  • AW-121 : ...with 3-digit numbers, first problem is (542 x 183)S
  • kill 15 : ...multiplication with re-naming
  • Skill 16 : ...multipication with 2-digit numbers
  • Basketball (pg.46)
  • Delicate Operation (pg.47) -done as a group with others
    • Students should devote approximately 20-30 minutes of "good effort" to work on the assignment they were given and to see how far they can get.
    • Students do not have to work beyond a 30-minute effort.... if it is taking longer than that, they should stop, and come in with it partially finished.
    • If the print is too small on the worksheet to do easily, students should RE-COPY the problems onto either lined-paper or grid-paper to solve. Any extra paper should have the student's name on it, and should be stapled to the original worksheet. Please take special care to do your work NEATLY.