10/23 Classwork & Homework
Thursday, October 23, 2014


Lessons-Part 1:     None [New seating chart today]

Classwork:   Students received their new text books today "Comparing & Scaling" - our unit on ratios and proportional reasoning. We started with Problem 1.1 today (Pages 5-6) - Most did not finish in class, but do not need to finish it as homework.... we will work on it tomorrow too.

Turned-in:   Accentuate the Negative Text Book -(Students could keep the book if they still had missing assignments from it, and can turn it in later to the media center when finished with it.)

Homework:  Create an ad (on an 8-1/2"x11" piece of copy paper, as for a magazine) for Bolda Cola in Problem 1.1 from today; students MUST use one of the 4 phrases shown on page 6, which should essentially be their answer to part "B", where they need to indicate which statement they feel would be the BEST to use in an advertisement for Bolda Cola. The ad should be a full page, and shoud include color and a nice layout... just like one might see if you opened up a magazine and saw an ad for Bolda Cola.


RE-DOs on Learning Target quizzes:  Students scoring below 6 on LT-1.1,  below 10 on LT-1.2, below 12 on LT-1.3, below 9 on LT-1.4, below 12 on LT-1.5, or below 10 on LT-1.6, should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to RE-DO that particular Learning Target quiz in order to attain a passing score.  Re-dos need to be done outside of regular math class. Students should refer to Mr. Usem's availability schedule on his website (or posted in the room) for the available times. Suggestions are: Recess, Before-school, After-school, or during BEST class for students that have Mr. Usem / Mr. Leavitt for BEST.