10/27 Classwork & Homework
Monday, October 27, 2014


Lessons-Part 1:     A 7th-Grade class has 13 boys and 22 girls. 3 of the boys have red shirts, 10 boys have blue shirts, 12 of the girls have purple shirts, and 10 girls have red shirts.

Write the following ratios:

The ratio of...
  1.) ...girls to boys        ________
  2.) ...girls with red  to girls with purple       ________   
  3.) ...students with red to all students in the class       ________    
  4.) ...students with blue to students in the class       ________     
  5.) ...students with blue to students without blue in the class       ________

Classwork:   Continued working on C&S- Problem 1.2 (Pg. 7)

Turned-in:   Bolda-Cola Ad (from problem 1.1)

Homework:  C&S, ACE - Pg.10: #1-7

Notes:       Deadline to turn in any "Late" or "Missing" work, or RE-Do's on LT-quizzes for credit for Quarter 1 is Wednesday, Oct 29.

RE-DOs on Learning Target quizzes:  Students scoring below 6 on LT-1.1,  below 10 on LT-1.2, below 12 on LT-1.3, below 9 on LT-1.4, below 12 on LT-1.5, or below 10 on LT-1.6, should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to RE-DO that particular Learning Target quiz in order to attain a passing score.  Re-dos need to be done outside of regular math class. Students should refer to Mr. Usem's availability schedule on his website (or posted in the room) for the available times. Suggestions are: Recess, Before-school, After-school, or during BEST class for students that have Mr. Usem / Mr. Leavitt for BEST.