11/07 Classwork & Homework
Friday, November 07, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:     

Write 6 or more different ratios that you can come up with about any of the following:

  • your family
  • your home
  • your activities and hobbies
  • foods you eat
  • music you listen to

Classwork:   completed C&S Problem #2.1 (pg.19) - Began working on C&S Problem #2.2 (pg.20)

Turned-in:   nothing

Homework:  Complete all parts of C&S Problem #2.2 (pg.20)     --[Period 7: see note below]

Notes:     Students in period 7 did not get a chance to begin working on problem #2.2 in class today, as we got short on time working on problem #2.1... They should try working on the Problem (2.2) for homework, getting as far as possible for class on Monday.