11/26 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lessons-Part 1:  none

Classwork:   Accent the Negative unit, Problem 4.3 [pg. 67] (ALL parts)

Turned-in:    nothing

Homework:     Review packet on "Accent the Negative" unit, Investigation 4 [buff color]  <-- There is a DOWNLOADABLE LINK to this packet BELOW

Notes:     Monday, Dec 2, will be a review day for the entire Unit of "Accentuate the Negative" on integers and rational numbers; students should come prepared with ANY questions they might have about the entire unit.  Our next test on the "Accentuate the Negative" unit will be Tuesday, Dec 3. 


PDF ATN - Invstgn #4 Review (11/26/13)   --  DOWNLOADABLE PDF- This is the review packet for Accentuate the Negative: Investigation #4 (handed out 11/26/13)