11/29 classwork/homework
Thursday, November 29, 2012

Classwork:   Introduced formulas for Volume of a rectangular prism.... V= (L)(w)(h)   and V= B(h)  ... ALSO discussed Unit 2 packet, page 27 relationships

Turned-in:   nothing


  • Unit 2 packet, page 27.  TRY the "CHALLENGE" problem on the bottom of the page, if not done earlier.
  • AND... aslo TRY the "EXTRA CHALLENGE" Problem below ...

      Can you find a box that could fit all five of the page 27 packages in it ("A","B","C","D","E") completely filling the box, but could ALSO fit a new sixth package "F", where package F has dimensions of (1 x 2 x 7) cubes?

Notes:  There will be a QUIZ in math on Monday, Dec 3, on all that we've been studying about rectangular prisms... especially connecting "3-dimensions" to "volume"