12/05 Classwork & Homework
Friday, December 05, 2014

Lessons-Part 1:   Write proportions and solve them to answer the following...

Jared and Pedro walk 1 mile in about 15 minutes. They can keep up this pace for several hours.

  1. About how far do they walk in 90 minutes?
  2. About how far do they walk in 65 minutes?

Classwork:     Corrected homework, and took Learning Target Quizzes (LT 2.4 and 2.6+2.7) 

Turned-in:   C&S -A.C.E. pg.55: # (2-14 EVENS), 22, 23

Homework:  nothing required... BUT if students feel they are still struggling with proportions, they COULD do MORE PRACTICE by doing any of the previously unassigned problems from the A.C.E. section after C&S Investigation #4 (pg.55+);  students can come in Monday and use Mr. Usem's answer key to check any of the problems they did to see if they did them corectly.

Notes:   We will be finishing Learning Target QUIZZES Monday... (most students did not finish today)... on the Learning Targets below...

  • LT 2.4:  I can solve multi-step problems involving proportional relationships.
  • LT 2.6   I can apply scale factors to detrmine side lengths and areas of similar figures.
  • LT 2.7:  I can use proportions and ratios to solve problems with scale drawings.


RE-DOs on Learning Target quizzes:  Students scoring 75% or less (below 8 on LT-2.1,  and below 9 on LT-2.2) should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to RE-DO that particular Learning Target quiz in order to attain a passing score.  Re-dos need to be done outside of regular math class. Students should refer to Mr. Usem's availability schedule on his website (or posted in the room) for the available times. Suggestions are: Recess, Before-school, After-school, or during BEST class for students that have Mr. Usem / Mr. Leavitt for BEST.