12/06 Classwork & Homework
Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Lessons-Part 1:  Copy the following list of numbers, and answer questions below...    

14, 24, 3, 17, 8, 1, 4, 17, 12, 17, 14, 1

  1. What is the mean of the data set above?
  2. What is the median of the data set above?
  3. What is the mode of the data set above?
  4. What is the range of the data set above?

Classwork:     Data Distributions (DD) Investigation #1.1 (pg. 8) -{Parts A - C]  ...use graph paper for bar-graphs, if available. 

Turned-in:    Nothing

Homework:   None

Notes:   During this unit we will be doing a lot of graphing.  Students are advised to have graph paper, a small set of colored pencils, and a small ruler available for use during this unit. - [...as well, graph paper is available as a downloadable and printable PDF document on the "downloads" section of my web-page]


  • Students who received a score of 70% or below on Learning Target quizzes may re-take them to improve their score and to receive a passing grade showing that they understand the learning target. The cut-offs for re-takes are:
    • LT #2.6 - [Translations & Reflections] - students who received a score of 5 or less (out of possible 8 pts.)
    • LT #2.8 - [Order of operations] - students who received a score of 5 or less (out of possible 8 pts.)
    • LT #2.9 - [Commutative, Associative, & Distributive properties] - students who received a score of 11.5 or less (out of possible 16 pts.)

In order to do a re-take, students need to KEEP their old quiz, and BRING it in, with the correct answers (with explanations) on a SEPARATE FORM on the items they missed. [RETAKE FORMS AVAILABLE IN MR. USEM'S ROOM, or are available as a downloadable PDF document on his WEBPAGE] This will qualify them "ready to re-take" the quiz. Re-takes are to be done outside of regular class time, and can be done before-school, after-school, during recess, or during study-hall in Advisories on Thursdays. Students should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to do the re-takes. Students will have at least 2 weeks from when the quizzes are handed back to complete the re-take.

  • (Deadline for LT #2.6, 2.8 & 2.9 is: Friday, Dec 9)