12/09 Classwork & Homework
Monday, December 09, 2013

Lessons-Part 1:  Write three equivalent fractions for each of the following fractions:

  1. 2/3
  2. 3/4
  3. 16/48
  4. 17/34

Classwork:   "Comparing & Scaling" unit - Problem 1.1 - discussed results. Introduced the Vocab term: "ratio"

Turned-in:    an ad for "Bolda Cola" using data from the survey quoted in Problem 1.1

Homework:     none


  • Midterm Progress Reports were handed-out last Wednesday (Dec. 4) for each invividual student for math class. (Progress reports also showed all "missing" [M] assignments)
  • We will be having a district unit test / benchmark exam on Accentuate the Neagtive unit (just completed) on Wednesday this week.