12/16 Classwork & Homework
Monday, December 16, 2013

Lessons-Part 1:  from Promethean Board  (...see below)

Classwork:   C&S Problem 1.3 

Turned-in:    nothing

Homework:     C&S ACE  p.11: #4-7


  • Students who received a score lower than 75% on a quiz from "Accent the Negative" can make arrangements to come in to re-take the quiz (must be arranged to be done outside of regular math class).
  • "Late Work" - Many students have turned in missing late-work.  Grading "Late Work" takes a lower priority for me.  I have not posted grades for work missing on the last progress reports.  
Lesson -Part 1 from (12/16/13)
Lesson -Part 1 from (12/16/13) from Promethean Board