12/18 classwork/homework
Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Classwork:  Unit #4 packet, Page 4... Also began discussion of basic "parts of a fraction", as well as vocabulary.

Turned-in:   nothing

Homework:  This was yesterday's homework assignment -->  Complete any pages 1-3 not completed in class today... AND complete page 4.  (Students should actually BRING IN EXAMPLES to class tomorrow of "fractions", "decimals", and "percents". )  NOTE:  Only about 1/2 of our students brought in examples today.... Students will be given ONE MORE DAY to bring them in for Wednesday's class.

Notes:  Tests from our Unit #2 "Prisms" assessment were returned to students today.  Students who received a score of 14 or lower (70%) will have a chance to re-take the test beginning on Thursday Dec. 20.  Students choosing to re-take the test will have to make arrangements to do so outside of regular class time.  Possible times are:

  • during recess
  • during B.E.S.T. class, with permission of the student's B.E.S.T. teacher
  • after school
  • before school (with ADVANCE notice to Mr Usem)

Students who wish to re-test should talk with Mr. Usem before hand to make arrangements, and to insure that they understand what they missed and how to do those problems correctly. Students should STUDY and PRACTICE prior to taking the re-test. Re-tests need to be completed by Jan 8th at the lastest.