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5th grade is a journey, how will you travel? 

We had a great time at our Winter Environmental Field Trip to the Richardson Nature Center! 
Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center Richardson Nature Center
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Ms Hill's BEST classes will be participating in the Stock Market Game. Stock Market Game 
 If you have a job, a hobby or an interest in this subject, please email MS Hill!  She can use speakers and helpers! PLEASE! PLEASE!
5th Grade Rocks
April 12, 2013 
Field School (April 11, 2013)
Field School: April 11, 2013

 Spring, Minnesota style!


We are happily playing in the snow. This picture should be of March, not April!


It is time again to check on your child's supply of pencils and paper.  It is amazing how quickly these items disappear.  All classes require pencils and some form of paper.  Does your child have enough supplies?


Testing starts next week.  See  the information below for the different dates for different tests.


Have a chilly but great weekend!










 The Fifth Grade Team


Language Arts


I love Quarter 4! I have been waiting all year for it!  The students may be counting days until summer, but I am excited about the blossoming creativity that comes with the Final Historical Fiction Unit.  They have such diverse and interesting topics. Review the buff colored packet with your child (but send it back to school with them). It is a summary of the work for the quarter.  More specific directions will be given for each part so that students will have written an historical fiction story in the end.  This week we just got the overview or gist.

Students need index cards and a case to keep them in as soon as possible. I scheduled sources to be due on Monday, April 15.  Then I got rolling - we had speeches and a day in the computer lab to find sources - and forgot to have students put it in their planners.  IF POSSIBLE, GET TO THE LIBRARY THIS WEEKEND TO GET A COUPLE SOURCES FOR OUR RESEARCH. We will be writing notes about our research all week.  I will be flexible, however, about the due date for sources. Please help your child find sources in the next week or let them use the computer at home so they can take notes from a source too long to print.  I have some reference material and the Social Studies text book in class.

We ran out of time to check Reading Logs today.  We will check in these first Reading Logs for Quarter 4 on Monday.

MCA: Here are the testing steps we practiced in class:

1. Preview - title, headings, and first and last paragraph.  Question - What do I already know about this subject and what do I think I will learn?

2. Read the questions. Identify if they are main idea, detail or vocabulary questions.

3. Read the selection and mark where you find the answers to the questions.

4. Do the easier questions first. Cross out the answers you know are incorrect.

5. Do the harder questions using the same strategy.

6. Make sure to go back, read the selection again and check all answers before moving on.


March 22, 2013Microscope

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)   



Sadly, we have finished our chocolate unit (Ms Hill still keeps a stash for emergencies!)  We ended with chocolate jeopardy.  This was Milton Hershey's favorite charity. Have your child answer in the form of a question!


This week we planted seeds of different types in a closed environment.  We are watching the water cycle keep our sprouts damp.  What will happen to our tiny farms?  Only time will tell!


We had a couple of sad days this week, with the passing of some of our treasured animal friends.  We are happy for the enjoyment and friendship they have given us through many years of fifth graders.  RIP dear friends.


No homework this week.  Look for some next Thursday.



Ms Hill


Math Logo 1

Apr 12, 2013 


It's now the 4th and final quarter of 5th grade! (...can you believe it?)


What a wonderful rhythm the school year has! One of the the things I've always liked about the school year is the opportunity for students to be able to end one grading period or task and be able to begin anew.


Talk with your child at this point in the year and help them make sure they are ready for the new (final) quarter, and that they're ready to end to year with strong academic skills and performance.   3-ring binder Are they organized?  Do they still have their math binder? Do they need extra paper for note taking and assignments? Do they have enough pencils? (Remember, in math, ALL work needs to be done in pencil!) pencils Have they cleaned out their binder from old papers from past units? Are they committed to doing every assignment ON TIME and actually turning them in? (Last quarter I had a lot of students who actually did their work, but never turned-in assignments when collected and therefore lost a lot of points for things they had already done!)


We're continuing our work with polygons, but with MCA standardized testing coming up beginning next week, we will occasionally be taking a few "side trips" over the next couple of weeks for some review of material and effective test-taking strategies, as well as taking a "practice test" on the computer, to help make sure that we're fully prepared for these important tests.

    - Mr. Usem


~   ~   ~ 

Access my personal teacher webpage... with resources for students and parents!

Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, and has resources with PDF versions of our Unit Packets that can be downloaded and printed as necessary.

(*PLEASE NOTE about grades on the Portal:   Late scores will show up with an "L" code attached to them. I code "re-test scores" with a "point one" ending; they will always show up as " X.1 ", so that everyone can know that this is not a regular score, but a re-test.)
Social StudiesSocial Studies  


April 12, 2013

We know what April 19 was.  The start to the Revolution, the shot heard around the world.  Students have a name of a founding father in their notes, asking them who they have.


Next week the Chapter 8 Test on the Revolution will be Thursday, April 18.


Some spelling words to work on are:  treaty, negotiate, siege, allegiance, and victory   



 Ms Fernandez 







Join us for dinner and an evening full of information for parents about Field and what to expect next year and beyond!


Tuesday April 16, 2013

Field Commons

6:00-7:30 p.m.


More details to follow!



Wendy Wolff

Field School Counselor





It's Testing Time!


The season is upon us and we're gearing up for Minnesota State assessments in reading, math, and science.

State MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) testing is an important time, and we want to make that students are able to do their best and truly show what they know.  In order to accomplish this, we ask parents to help make sure that the students are aware of the upcoming testing and that they are physically and mentally prepared to take them seriously

(We let them know all about the tests in school, but reinforcement at home truly helps emphasize the importance of the message).


Parents can help by making sure that students...

  • Get sufficient sleep the might before a test.
  • Have a healthy breakfast each morning of testing.
  • Minimize family/social distractions around testing time.
  • Do practice MCA tests that might be available online or in print, to help hone students' test-taking strategies.
  • Helping students choose books that they are truly interested in reading, to have with them and ready to read if they finish their test before others (this is their only option during testing when they finish).
Our TESTING SCHEDULE is as follows:
  • APRIL 16-17: MCA Reading Tests (All students, grades 5-8). These are paper/pencil tests. Students will start the day in Testing Groups. Bring a book, a #2 pencil, and a highlighter (teachers will also have them available).
    [Note: Due to the testing, to allow students to have all their regular core classes, students will have their core classes for their regular periods 1 & 2 on Tuesday afternoon, and will have their core classes for their regular periods 3, 5, & 6 on Wednesday afternoon.]
  • APRIL 23-24-25-26: MCA Math Tests (Grades 5-6). These are online tests, and will be administered during students' regularly scheduled math class time... so they might extend over the entire 4 day period to complete.
  • MAY 7-8-9: MCA Science Tests (Grade 5). These are online tests, and will be administered during students' regularly scheduled science class time... so they might extend over the entire 3 day period to complete.

While nobody loves testing, it is an important part of monitoring student progress and understanding, and just one more piece of the puzzle in helping to provide a strong academic program in our schools. We look forward to having our Field students "show what they know"!


Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember:

  • April 15-19: Field School Hygiene Drive
    (by advisory)
  • April 16-17: MCA Reading Testing
  • April 16Sixth Grade and Beyond parent meeting
  • April 23-26
    : MCA Math Testing 
    (in math classes)
  • May 6: NO SCHOOL for students (Classification / Staff Development day)
  • May 7-9: MCA Science Testing (in science classes)
  • May 14: 5th-Grade Spring Environmental Field Trip (Richardson Nature Center)



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