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April 14, 2017

Welcome to Quarter Four!

Can you believe our fifth graders are three quarters of the way to sixth grade?  Where has the year gone!

There are many exciting things happening in classrooms across fifth grade. The teachers are teaching until the last day of school- so we expect students to be learners until the year is over. 

This month is packed with fun events.  Please check the Field web page to keep up with school-wide events.

Students still need planners, spiral notebooks, and all other school related items.  Please check with your child to see if more supplies are needed.  Thanks!

Please leave toys at home!  Cell phones are not allowed to be out of lockers during the school day!  We have quite a few repeat offenders that have had objects confiscated. 

Join the 5th/6th grade Gay-Straight Alliance
What is it?
A GSA club is a student-run club in a school that brings together LGBTQI+ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ, and economic justice.
What's our goal?
Our goal is to create a community that is founded on the concepts of safety, tolerance, and respect. We will use these concepts to have thoughtful discussions surrounding LGBTQI+ matters.
What resources does MPS provide?
Check out the Office of Student, Family, and Community Engagement at osfce.mpls.k12.mn.us 

Smarter than a 5th Grader?
You will be by June!


April 14, 2017
Let's make this last quarter the best quarter yet.  Remember to sign the planner and ask questions about school.

Spelling test next Friday, April 21.  The words are:  April, middle, dilemma, Africa, & March.  Remind students to capitalize proper nouns.

This week we have been studying slavery, and part of this chapter focuses on the West Africans' perspective.  Please use the notes to talk about this very heavy topic. 

Many students need a new notebook, make sure your child is ready to be successful in school. 

 Ms. Doyle

We are full-swing into 4th quarter. We spent this week building background knowledge around WWII. A slideshow was presented to students containing WWII terms, photos, and information around the war. We read a poem about a survivor's response to a photograph he saw called "To the Little Polish Boy", along with newspaper articles on the Danes role in the war, and how they helped 5,000 Jews escape to Sweden. 

We will start Number the Stars next week, along with the introduction to the research project. Please pay close attention to deadlines regarding the project- we will spend two months researching and writing a historical fiction story. 

The extension project was also offered this week. There was certain criteria to meet in order to receive the project. If your child has questions about it, please encourage them to ask me about it Monday. 

Upcoming due dates:
4/20: research topic due 
5/5: research due 
5/10: brainstorm due 
5/19: rough draft due 
5/26: final draft due 

My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities. 

Mrs. Kolbinger and Mr. Devine
S.P.A.M.    4/14/17   
(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)
What are simple machines? How do we combine simple machines to complete complicated tasks?  We have read about a potato chip factory, and we are now producing systems to get our potatoes from the truck up to the work floor using the least amount of effort.  What?  Least amount of effort?  Not only low effort, but no mashed potatoes!
 Important words include:
Newtons, lever, pulley, effort, load, and fulcrum. 

All students should have brought home a full page explanation of the Rube Goldberg home project.  It is due May 4. This is a building experience, and many families join in the fun. The scori

Would you like to spend some quality time in the science classroom?  After simple machines, we will be studying everything birds.  We need adults to work with small groups to put together booths for our Bird Expo that takes place at the end of May.  It will require 3 days in the classroom and attendance at the expo.  If you are interested, please email Ms Hill.

p.s.- My webpage has the homework info.

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Hill
MATHEMATICS 4.14.17 --------

This week we studied for the MCA and reviewed all the fifth grade standards. The MCA test is next week, Monday- Thursday. Students will not get homework in math next this week but should be practicing their MCA review packets daily and getting a good nights rest.

After the MCA we will resume with Bits and Pieces II and learn how to divide fractions. Students took a Multiplying Fractions Quiz before spring break and this quiz was put on this quarter's grade. Students will be able to re do this quiz after the MCA.

Students are running out of pencils so please make sure your child has plenty of pencils in their pencil pouch!

Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs. Rausch

AVID This Week:
How do you make sure everyone feels part of a collaborative group?  Do people feel 'invited in?'  Some students are choosing to do the Science Home Project in a small group.  This is an excellent opportunity to give each participant a role.  

If groups are having problems, see Ms Hill sooner than later.  We can work together to make this a great collaboration for all group members.

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