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April 18, 2014

Here comes the sun...

We are sorry this is so late, but Constant Contact had a power outage- and their backup system failed.  They were not open for business on Friday.  I hope their techs got to go home for at least part of the weekend!!


Be on the look out for a permission slip at the end of this week or early next week.  We are going back to the nature center for a

 look at our environment in spring. 


Thanks to those who have been keeping us in facial tissue- this has been a rough year for noses!! 





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 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week we worked hard getting through the first portion of the book. We read ch. 1-5 and kids are loving it! The characters are quite funny:) We took a short quiz this week and a majority of students did really well. The quizzes let me know who is reading at home and who is comprehending the novel, as we are moving quickly through it. We also spent some time preparing for research that will start Monday. Students will be pulling information from several resources on the web, all of which are on my website if they feel so inclined to do some additional research over the weekend. Students will also be needing one resource to be a book, so a visit to the local library might be helpful if they don't find anything they like from the Field library. 
We also starting doing some brainstorm about the creative aspect of our paper. Kids are to think about the setting their story will take place at, along with either the character that will experience the real event, or a fictional event the real person will experience. We will be spending three days next week researching, and two days reading Watsons. 
Students will need notecards/index cards for ELA this quarter. They will be using these for their research
Homework due Monday: Ch. 6, vocab crossword puzzle, part of your mind map (as much as you can).

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 

S.P.A.M.: 4/18/2014

 Science promotes academic mastery!


Happy Earth day!
In preparation for the MCA testing we have been reviewing the state science standards that have been covered over the past year.  I heard a lot of "huh?" and "Umm..." when I showed them the standard- then a lot of "I remember that!"  Does a heart good.

We are doing some  Earth friendly actions this week.  I hope our grounds look cleaner after Tuesday.

Aquatic environments are slower than the terrestrial.  No seeds to watch pop through the soil.  However, Tuesday morning may bring surprises!!



Ms Hill





The last two weeks in math we have been reviewing all the units and making sure students are feeling prepared, confident and comfortable for their math MCA test on Monday, April 21st.  I understand testing can become stressful for students, so I am trying my best to over prepare them with useful resources showing them they know the content and will do great on the test!  All students should have a learning target green template page indicating the 5th grade standards, 8 review packets, and knowledge of how to access online material to practice at home. 


After the MCA testing week is over we will jump into our last 6th grade unit on rational numbers- Bits and Pieces III. We will learn how to multiply and divide decimals and discover the equivalence of decimals to fractions to percentages.


I have posted on my website all the review packets and have a practice assessment can be found under classroom for success for students to practice. The weekend homework is to find some time each day to practice, review, and study their math notes or go online and practice math skills to keep the concepts fresh in the minds.


I've been so proud of the fifth graders and the level of mastery they have shown in class. They have been doing a great job and are so ready for sixth grade! J


Have a wonderful weekend


~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies


Social Studies

 April 21, 2014  

Chapter 12: Writing the Declaration of Independence  


 We will have a test on the Time Line with 5 dates, and students need to name their founding fathers (10 would be good).   The True False & multiple choice part will be on Tuesday.  More reviewing in class, but feel free to talk about the Declaration at home.  The dates are 1774, 1775, 1776 with 5 events.  


Remember to sign the planner: this shows the student is talking about Social Study issues, reviewing notes, or studying spelling words.   




Ms. Doyle 

We continue to go through facial tissue at an alarming rate!! Please send us more!!


The Science room  is good for wipes!  Thanks! 








to come next week...hopefully! 
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