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April 28, 2017

Sorry this newsletter is delayed! You will still get an update for this week tomorrow.

April 28th, 2017

Have a Super Weekend!
We continue to learn and grow as the fourth quarter moves on.  It is exciting to see the students as they have grown from little 5th graders to almost 6th graders.  We still have much to learn!

A lunchtime kickball tournament has been organized.  Please remind your child about good sportspersonship and the need to act graciously if you lose a game.  

5th Grade Fun Night! 

Friday May 12th from 2:35-4:00 is fifth grade fun night, hosted by the 6th-8th grade student council members at Field School! Tickets will be sold at lunch for $2 each. Come have a fun time with activities like, outdoor sports, gym activities, dancing and face painting! Snacks will be provided. 
- Student council

Please leave toys at home!  Cell phones are not allowed to be out of lockers during the school day!  We have quite a few repeat offenders that have had objects confiscated. We are still seeing toys (sometimes called fidgits) with children that do not have an IEP or 504 plan that says they can use them.  
GSA Information:
What resources does MPS provide?
Check out the Office of Student, Family, and Community Engagement at osfce.mpls.k12.mn.us 

Smarter than a 5th Grader?
You will be by June!


April 28, 2017

We had the Chapter 8 test on Thursday the 27th.   That will be the first grade for the new quarter.

Today I showed a few clips from Roots, just enough to talk about what they see in the picture.   There might have been 10 minutes total.  They saw the big ship masts in Annapolis, MD.  They saw a few boys herding goats, and a few women at the community well.  They saw the inside of a ship before any slaves were brought on board.  I suggest at some point in their life they watch this movie.  It needs parental guidance.

We have been writing leveled questions, students are getting better at this.  They took an assessment on Wednesday for AVID.

I will collect notebooks next week for grading Chapter 8.


 Ms. Doyle


This week students focused on two things: research and vocabulary. During the research, they made cards with information about the event their short story will be about. At this point kids should have about 4-5 notecards. Please check in with your child to see where he/she is at. If he/she is behind, extra research should be done at home this weekend. 

During the vocabulary assignment, students practiced decoding using the vocabulary they found difficult from the first four chapters. That assignment was due to Mr. Devine today! Ch. 4 is homework over the weekend if it did not get done in class today.

Next week students will be spending Monday reading NTS and working on summarizing skills, while the rest of the week will be spent on research. All research is due next Friday! 

-Mr. Devine

Upcoming due dates:
5/1: Ch. 4 read in NTS 
5/5: research due 
5/10: brainstorm due 
5/19: rough draft due 
5/26: final draft due 

My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities. 

Mrs. Kolbinger and Mr. Devine
S.P.A.M.    4/28/17   
(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)
What happens to bird populations when humans interfere with their habitats?  We did an activity using bird cards and habitat scenarios.  We need to watch for habitat destruction- or we will lose this precious part of our own habitat.

Last weekend to  work on Rube Goldberg projects!

Please note:  Students were given the opportunity to work in groups or alone.  Groups were not assigned.  

All students should have brought home a full page explanation of the Rube Goldberg home project.  It is due May 4. This is a building experience, and many families join in the fun. The scoring rubric is on the back.

Would you like to spend some quality time in the science classroom?  After simple machines, we will be studying everything birds.  We need adults to work with small groups to put together booths for our Bird Expo that takes place on May 23rd, from 5-7p.m. in the gym.  It will require about 3 days in the classroom and attendance at the expo in the late afternoon of May 23rd.  If you are interested, please email Ms Hill.

p.s.- My webpage has the homework info.

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Hill
MATHEMATICS 4.28.17 --------

This week we jumped back into Bits and Pieces II and learned how to divide fractions using pictorial diagrams. Today we discover the algorithm and will continue with it next week.

On Friday, May 5th there will be a Dividing Fractions quiz. Students that need to re take the Multiplying Fractions Learning Targets will be able to once they finish their Dividing Fractions Quiz. Students will not need an action plan this time. (In the future quiz re takes will go back to Thursdays during Advisory and students will need an action plan completed.)

Students got their MCA preliminary scores back last week. Make sure you sign it and send it back. 

Thanks for your support.
Mrs. Rausch

AVID This Week:
How do you make sure everyone feels part of a collaborative group?  Do people feel 'invited in?'  Some students are choosing to do the Science Home Project in a small group.  This is an excellent opportunity to give each participant a role.  

If groups are having problems, see Ms Hill sooner than later.  We can work together to make this a great collaboration for all group members.

Mrs. Kolbinger is advising the 5th/6th GSA. We are working on advocating for tolerance, acceptance, and safe spaces around Field. If your child is involved in GSA, ask them about their project that's due May 1st! 

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