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5th Grade Rocks

August 28, 2015 
Welcome to the fifth grade!  We are looking forward to teaching your children.  We are also excited to learn what your children can teach us!

All students should have an AVID system for organization.  We have provided color coded notebooks and folders.

-Red is Math
-Blue is Science
-Yellow is Social Studies
-Green is Language Arts

Students should a large 3-ring binder of some sort to hold these items.  They also need a pencil pouch with pencils, erasers, a highlighter, and a red pen.  Finally, they should keep a suppy of lined paper and graph paper. 10-15 sheets should be enough with which to start.  

The last item of importance is the planner.  They need to keep it in their binders.  All classes require the planner every day.  Please check your child's planner daily for at least the first quarter.  Help them see how important planning for school can be.  We appreciate your help!


Fifth grade 101:

Ask your child about their AVID organizational system.  We are working hard to make sure your child is on top of their school work. 





  Have a great weekend!


Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


It's been an exciting and busy week in ELA! Students are getting settled and learning the routines for our classroom. This week a syllabus went home, along with a student survey. Both of those were due Fri. Only turn in the part of the syllabus that is to be signed- the information should stay with students to refer back to throughout the year. 

We also spent some time creating a family crest to decorate our notebooks with. Ask your child how they decided to represent their family, hobbies, and 5th grade goals. We also visited the library:) All students should have a choice book by Monday. They will bring these to class everyday

Next week we will begin our Tall Tales unit.  
Please be sure to check out the website weekly for updated information, scheduling, assignments, and grades. Also, view the website for more information about standards-based grading. 

Follow me on twitter @mrskolbinger for reminders, ELA related articles, jokes, etc. 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 



Science Promotes Academic Mastery!


This week we have discussed safety in the science classroom.  We do real science in fifth grade, which means safety is job one.  Your child should have brought home a Safety contract for you to go over together.  It was due 8/28.


Please try my new web site (maryhillscience@weebly.com
) which should be connected to the link above.  I have had many problems with this computer- so I cannot yet guarantee success!


No homework this weekend.  Enjoy the end of summer.



Ms Hill












What a great first week of school! Each fifth grader should feel comfortable with the classroom routines and expectations. The syllabus was sent home on Tuesday and should be kept at home as a tool throughout the year.

The BIG thing I would like each of you to do this weekend is check out my website and know that it is there for you! To access my webpage go to the Field homepage, click teaching teams, then Mrs. Rausch and it will pop up. If a student is absent it is a MUST to look at my website and get the daily homework assignment. Remember homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and is due the following day. 

For a quick link, click here to access my website: 

Have a wonderful weekend!
~Mrs. Rausch

Social Studies

August 28, 2015


Welcome to the Social Studies section of the newsletter.


Next week we will begin our Geography Unit.  Students will learn about globes, maps, physical futures, and political maps.  The vocabulary is rich, so keep reading their notes.


If there are spelling words, students will add them to their planner.


If you have seen the syllabus, sign it and keep it in the yellow folder.  Then you will have it for a reference.

Thank you.  I have enjoyed meeting each student.


Ms. Doyle 







Reader's Workshop  books-apple-icon2.jpg
More later!

Bev Halvorson
Reading Specialist

Ms Hill's BEST classes are logical thinkers!  All students need a small 3 ring binder (1/2" is ok) and she prefers that the students repurpose one hanging around the house!  Students will need lined paper and graph paper specifically earmarked for BEST.

Ms. Doyle's BEST is 

Mrs. Kolbinger's BEST are doing literature circles. Ask your child about what book their group is reading. 

A big round of applause for the families that brought in wipes and tissues.  

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