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August 31, 2012 
August 31, 2012

Welcome back!  We have had an exciting week with our new fifth-graders.  So much to learn, so many new routines.  We feel that all of our students are well on their way to being middle school minded!

Our newsletter is sent out each Friday. You will find important information about what has happened during the week as well as information about upcoming events.  This is also a good way  to find out about field trip slips, (yes, we already have a field trip in about two weeks!) deadlines for homework, and exciting happenings such as concerts.  Please take the time each week to read the newsletter and discuss this with your child.  It keeps parents, teachers and students 'on the same page.'

Please return all signature papers as soon as possible.  This helps make sure we have the most up-to-date information about your child.  This includes media permission forms.

During this week each core class sent home a syllabus.  Please check with your child about these important  documents.

Each week in the newsletter is a column called Fifth Grade 101.  We try to pass on tidbits to parents to help the transition to being in the middle school as easy and seamless as possible.  The first '101' will be in next week's newsletter.

The Fifth Grade Team

Language Arts


Welcome to Field School!

I am pleased to say that students are learning their schedules and finding their classrooms quickly.  We will soon be in the habit of 5th grade at Field.


The Language Arts Syllabus went home on Wednesday with your students. Please send back the sign-off portion which was due today.  The syllabus explains the content for each quarter.

The year will start with a study of folk tales.  We will examine the characteristics of folk tales and write one of our own.  Our first story was the tall tale, 'Paul Bunyan.'

Students will learn about the Reading Log and Write to the End next week.  

August 31,2012

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

Welcome to the world of Science!  We will be Microscopehaving a great year!


We have started the year with a not so exciting but important unit on safety in the science classroom.  Students will spend most of this year doing experiments.  Having a safe learning experience requires the students to take responsibility for their behavior.  Homework this week is the Science Safety Contract.  This went home with students on Thursday, August 30th, and is due on Tuesday, September 4th.  The contract must be signed by both the parent and the student before a student may participate in experiments.  The contract will be counted as this week's homework assignment.  If you have questions, please email me.  I try to answer emails as fast as possible.



Ms Hill

Math Logo 1

Aug 31, 2012


What a wonderful start to our 5th-grade year of studying math!  

We've just begun to work on classroom procedures and routines, and are looking to set the stage properly for a year of engagement and challenge in math.


I'm new to the 5th-grade team this year, and am looking forward to a great year. Being new, however, has presented me with a few challenges, such as getting familiar with the 5th-grade curriculum, deciding on which procedures and policies are going to be implemented, and what supplies we'll need. In particular, the 5th-grade math student workbook is rather large, and not designed well for transport to lockers and home. (It's really best designed for a self-contained classroom.) Because of this, I'm thinking that we will be actually breaking apart the workbook into sections, and 3-hole punching them for student use. 3-ring binder To best handle these separated pages, I am suggesting that all students purchase, and have for use, a 3-ring binder (I'm recommending a 1" binder, that will handle all of our material, and yet will not overload a backpack or locker) that will be devoted just to math class. A set of at least 5 divider pages will make this an even more useful tool for your children.


I want to apologize for the late notice of these supplies.  I'm hoping that this notice will give you some time over the Labor Day holiday weekend to make this purchase. If purchasing a new binder is a problem, and your child already has a 3-ring binder for 5th -grade, he/she can use a section in that binder for math class... but I strongly feel that less will get lost, and students will be better served, by having a separate dedicated math binder.


I will be sending home a syllabus next week, which will detail the course content, needed supplies, and math class policies/procedures.


  KenKen logo

Students should have brought home a KEN-KEN math puzzle packet today. Students should spend some time over the weekend working on some of the puzzles, but they do not have to complete all of the puzzles. They can finish as many as they like, but I would like to see all students spend at least 30 minutes (total) over the weekend on this assignment. On Tuesday we'll be looking to discuss problem solving strategies. I do encourage help from parents/siblings/friends/relatives... and I think they'll actually begin to find these puzzles quite fun!


More next week.... Have a terrific 3-day weekend!


Mr. Usem


Social StudiesSocial Studies


 August 31  


It has been an exciting week, the students did a great job.  I have told them to drink water often, and go to bed early.   

There is a course syllabus to be reviewed then signed. Please return by next Friday.  Students should review their notes, meaning know the seven continents by name. 


Ms. Fernandez

Watch this space for upcoming events!
We have our first field trip on Thursday, September 13, 2012.  We are going to Fort Snelling State Park, to the Snelling Lake area.  We will be joined by Wilderness Inquiry.  Therefore the permission slip is two sided.  Please return on Tuesday, if you still have one.







Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • September 13 - Environmental Field Trip to Fort Snelling State Park



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