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A few pictures from 
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5th Grade Rocks
December 14, 2012  

During the last week, parents of students that are receiving D's or F's in their classes were called using an automated calling system.  For the latest grades, please check the parent portal. Grades change every time an assignment is posted.  Midquarter grades are a quick 'good job,'  or an 'oops, I'd best get busy' for your child.


The fifth grade is participating in the school wide food drive.  Each advisory is collecting food for the drive.  We need nonperishable  food items such as canned and boxed food.  It is also important to think about quality over quantity-  food shelfs especially need items that contain protein.  



The Fifth Grade Team





Language Arts


Nice job on the test today.  Students worked diligently and quietly.  All study guides should be completed and turned in.
Next week we will learn more about sentences and start a poetry unit. Students can look forward to 2 surprise lessons.
December 14, 2012

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

This week we began our journey through Human growth and Development. We covered both male and female reproductive organs, and their roles in reproduction.  We have covered several topics that are called 'family values.'  They include the use of deodorant/antiperspirants, and feminine hygiene products.  


This week's home work is for your child to talk their parents about what they have learned. Family Value  topics should also be discussed  so that your child understands what is important and right for your family.


Next week we will have a speaker that is a neonatal nurse.  She is a parent of a sixth grader.  We will also look at fetal models to show how the process doing a woman's pregnancy.  We will finish up with the dreaded acne talk, and the odds and ends of puberty.  We will finish this unit by the end of the week.


Ms Hill


Math Logo 1

Dec 14, 2012 


As I write this I am just finding out about today's school shooting in Connecticut, and I'm having a difficult time writing. The details of simple math lessons seem rather insignificant and unimportant at such a time. As I am sure is true about all Field teachers... we take our jobs and responsibilities in educating your children very seriously, and their welfare is very close to our hearts. You entrust your precious children to our care. We develop a close bond with your children, and cannot imagine anything that we wouldn't do to protect your children, our students, from anything that might threaten their safety. After such an unimaginable and tragic event, our thoughts, prayers, and hearts go out to the families of the children and school staff who have suffered so at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

 ~   ~   ~

We have finished our unit on Prisms and volume, and are now beginning our new unit: "What's that Portion?" on fractions, decimals, and percents. This unit is unit #4, and we are making a slight change from our initially planned sequence. Unit #3, on "place value", will be covered in BEST classes, and periodically spiralled into our regular classes; we have determined that students are at differing positions with their understanding of place value, and that this curriculum would be best delivered through this method rather than doing "whole class" instruction in regular math class.


 There will be a RE-TEST on Monday (Dec 17) for students who felt they did not do well on the Unit #1 test for Multiplication and Division.  Quizzes from our last unit (Prisms) will be returned on Monday, with a RE-TEST scheduled for Thursday for those that choose to do so.


- Mr. Usem


 ~  ~  ~

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  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day and references students' homework assignments.

Social StudiesSocial Studies


 December 14   


We welcome Crystal Rice, from Augsburg College, to co-teach with me until December 21.    



In Social Studies we are working on Chapter 7 Comparing the Colonies.  We are looking at two colonies from each region (New England, Middle, Southern Colonies).


Vocabulary words:  British, colonial regions, economy, democratic, diverse, and indentured servants. 


   Remember planner signature for Social Studies.  Review class notes nightly 5-10 minutes or 40 minutes on the weekend.  Sign planner  once a week.   





Ms Fernandez   


Watch this space for upcoming events!
Thanks for the glue sticks.  It is great to do projects that stick with you.



Mouse House 

 Mouse House Week

Green tickets for excellent behavior will go into the mouse house.  Students with mouse house tickets will be eligible for our mouse house drawing next Friday!

 Mouse House 3

Squeak Squeak!


Student Council Sponsored

Food Drive

NOW through December 21
 Food Drive

The Field Student Council is coordinating a

food drive from December 3-21, 2012.

All non-perishable food will be donated to Sabathani Center 

 which serves families in south Minneapolis.


There is a bin is outside the office and kids can drop off food there and we will deliver to Sabathani on Friday Dec 21.


Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • Dec 24- Jan 1:  NO SCHOOL - Winter recess
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