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Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember



  •  December 11: Gems Spaghetti Dinner
  • December 23-27 and 30-January 3: Winter break  
December 6, 2013 

Winter is officially here!  Keep warm!!


Does your child have any clothes left in their closet?  We have more than 20 hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts hanging outside of Ms Hill's room. Gloves and hats also seem to be in abundance in the lost and found.



Fifth Grade 101: Snow awareness


That wet snow is sooooo inviting!  It would make such good snowballs!

Not at school.  We have a 'leave it on the ground'  policy at Field. Icy snowballs hurt! Please encourage your child to adhere to this policy.  We want all students to have an enjoyable time at recess.










Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 

English Language Arts
This week we did not get through as many chapters as I had hoped, so if you have been following the classroom calendar, know that the homework for the weekend are chapters 22-23, not 24. They should also mark the text as they read. Two boxes on the new reading log (pale yellow) are assigned for chapters 22 & 23. 

We were able to read chapters 19-21 and spent some time studying all week for our vocabulary quiz today. You can see how your child did as it's already entered into grade book! There will be a make up quiz sometime next week. 

We also logged our hours read this school year, totaling up every reading log! At this point students should have read 12 hours this school year, and many students are beyond that mark! Way to go! If your child is not at the 12 hour mark yet, please be sure to get them reading more. As they get older the reading gets harder and the only way to become a better reader is to read! According to research, 60 hours as a 5th grader will keep them on track with appropriate grade level text. Next semester the hours will be increased to 3/week. 

One thing I have noticed students are lacking in class are pencils! Please make sure your child has a supply in their binder. 

Stumped on stocking stuffers? Think about getting our next novel, Number the Stars by Lois Lowery. Kids are loving the fact that they can mark their own books for significant moments, symbols, and themes that we've discuss in class. 

My advisory has met their 150 green ticket goal! We will be celebrating with a pizza party Friday 12/13. Please watch binders for a flyer this coming week as I will send out some information regarding the celebration:) 

Questions/comments  about ELA? Want to see our class/5th grade calendar? Need an extra copy of the reading log or other homework? Visit our classroom website at: www.mrskolbinger.weebly.com 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 

December 6, 2013

Science Promotes Academic Mastery- Also known as SPAM!


We have built our subsystems and lifted our loads.  Who new how much work went into planning and recalculating and improving our subsystems. We learned about double pulleys and how multiple pulleys give mechanical advantage, while single pulleys just change the direction of force.  


Next week we will start the unit Landforms.  Students will be working with models and maps to find out how our world changes.


No homework this week.  Keep Warm!


Where did Ms Hill go?


I will be absent the two weeks prior to winter break.  When I return in January, I will have a shiny new knee!  What a great (really?) way to spend the holidays!


Thanks to all families that are taking home a Zoo member for the November or December dates.  It is a HUGE feeling of relief that the critters will be well cared for and happy!




Ms Hill




We started our Algebra unit this week and used a program called, Hands on Equations to discover how to solve for the unknown in equations. We started with basic equations and ended the week with distributive property equations and story problems involving setting up and solving the equations. I was very impressed with the level of complexity we were able to covered in class this week. Students were given 20-30 minutes each day to use the Hands on Equation Kits and explore a variety of equation problems. 


We took our first Algebra quiz today and all 10 questions were taken directly from this week's classwork and homework problems. If students completed all their classwork and homework they should score well on the quiz! Students will get their quizzes back on Monday.


Remember to check the parent portal for missing assignments. Students have until Monday (12/9) to turn in any missing work from this week. If they do not turn it in on Monday, they cannot turn it in later for points. 


Have a wonderful and warm weekend!


~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies


Social Studies

 December 6, 2013


Last week: We  completed Chapter 5, European Explorers. Students know 7 more explorers besides Christopher Columbus. 


Next Week: We will start Chapter 6: Early English Settlements.  (For example: Roanoke, Jamestown, & Plymouth.) 


Spelling test words are: December, settlement, Plymouth, experience, & colony.  These words need to be written out at least 10 times. As you can tell they aren't the easiest words. 




Ms. Doyle 

Note from Wendy Wolff, Field School Counselor

Mid quarter progress grades are available on the parent portal for you to review with your child.  Please take a few minutes to discuss your child's progress together. Celebrate their successes and make a plan to improve any areas they may be struggling.  Middle School students should expect to spend 30-60 minutes on homework every night. Research indicates that students who have a consistent time and place each day to do homework tend to be more productive and ultimately successful in their classes- even if they say they "have no homework".:) Homework includes tasks assigned by the teacher, completing classwork not finished in class, reviewing notes, studying for tests AND reading for fun. Reviewing class notes for 10-15 minutes every day for each core class helps lock information in the long term memory which improves test performance and ultimately school success. Cornell notes are set up so students can "test themselves" on how well they understand the concepts covered in class. Going over their notes each night also helps them identify concepts they may need to clarify with teachers.  Please encourage your child to set a time each day for "homework". If you have questions about your child's progress grades, please feel free to call me, I am at Field on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!



We need  a few more parent volunteers for the Hollywood Red Carpet Dance next Friday December 13 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. If you want to help with decorations, food tables, check in or clean up- I promise it will be worth your investment! We have a lot of fun!


Please support the Field holiday food drive! All non perishable food items are welcome and students can put them in the bin by the office door. We will deliver donated food to our community partner, Full Cycle, on December 18. Help us fill the bin and help support homeless youth in our community!




We are in need of more facial tissue.

Do you have a  DVD copy of Winn Dixie?  Advisory's would love to view it, since we have read the book. 
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