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A few pictures from 
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5th Grade Rocks
December 7, 2012  

It is mid-quarter time.  Please check the parent portal for your child's mid-term grade.  Remember that this is a snap shot- and the grades may already have changed.  If you have questions about a grade, please email the teacher directly.


Please label hats  and gloves with your child's name-  We have a huge amount of clothing in our lost and found.  Names make it easier to track down owners.


Fifth Grade 101:

Fair weather friends!  Middle school is a time for finding new interests and sometimes new friends.  This is a big part of this age group.  It is not always a happy time when old friends drift apart.  Finding a new hobby or interest can help students fill the gap when an old friend is drifting away.


The Fifth Grade Team





Language Arts


We paid a lot of attention to dialogue and mood this week.  The more we looked at it, the more convinced I am by the talent of this author, Lois Lowry.  Students noticed how she used dialogue to develop character and plot, to draw us into the action, to show the setting and to distinguish point of view.  Students also noticed rapid changes in mood as we get closer to the climax.
Study Guides # 1 - 3 will be included in the Mid-Quarter Progress Report.  #4 was due on December 6.  They will be needed to prepare for the test.  For the test, students need to know the 5 parts of plot and at least 7 important events from the novel.  The test is scheduled for December 14. (If I have the opportunity to attend my son's graduation from Basic Training, the test will be rescheduled to Monday, December 17.)
We will finish the quarter with poetry and an expository essay.
I'm looking forward to Fancy Shmancy Day on Monday - lots of bracelets and ties I hope!
P.S.  Reading Logs!!!!!
December 7, 2012

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

Variables has been a fun unit.  Swingers, lifeboats (in water!) and airplanes (buzzing around the room) have kept life interesting for a while!  We have worked on our study guides and you should see Variables journals at home.  The final test is on Monday, December 10. 


Our next unit is Human Growth.  We will start next Tuesday.  We will cover male and female reproductive organs, conception, puberty and abstinence.  This has more than a few kids a little nervous.  Tell them not to listen to the older kids.  They tell tall tales about the grossness of the unit!  Questions?  Please email me!

Ms Hill


Math Logo 1

Dec 7, 2012 


This week began with a quiz on rectangular prisms. Students should receive their corrected quiz back this coming week.

Classroom Volume 1


After some review of the concepts of "area" and "perimeter", this week we also began working on understanding how different units might change (or don't change) how we picture and understand the "volume" of something.  Though Classroom Volume 2we have been working with 3/4-inch cubes previously, we began by changing to working with very small cubic centimeters, and then ended the week today trying to visualize what a cubic foot looks like, and what a cubic meter looks like. Students were very surprised at how very large a cubic meter looks!

  Classroom Volume 3

Today we spent our time measuring our classroom in both cubic foot and cubic meter units. It is one thing to abstractly think about the volume of a simple drawing of a rectangular prism, and a whole 'nother thing to actually work with something as large as a classroom. Students devised some very interesting strategies to measure all the way up to the ceiling! We will use these measurements on Monday to complete ourClassroom Volume 4 calculations for the "volume" of our  classroom, and will discuss what made for an "effective" strategy to complete this task, and why someone might actually need to find the volume of such a large space.


- Mr. Usem


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  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day and references students' homework assignments.

Social StudiesSocial Studies


 December 7  


We welcome Crystal Rice, from Augsburg College, to co-teach with me until December 21.    



In Social Studies we are working on Chapter 6. We will finish that up next week. We will then begin studying the colonization of New England, middle, and southern colonies in Chapter 7.


   Remember planner signature for Social Studies.  Review class notes nightly 5-10 minutes or 40 minutes on the weekend.  Sign planner  once a week.   





Ms Fernandez   


Watch this space for upcoming events!
Thanks for the glue sticks.  It is great to do projects that stick with you.


Field Student Council

School Spirit Week

December 10-14




Student Council Sponsored

Food Drive

NOW through December 21

The Field Student Council is coordinating a

food drive from December 3-21, 2012.

All non-perishable food will be donated to Sabathani Center 

 which serves families in south Minneapolis.


There is a bin is outside the office and kids can drop off food there and we will deliver to Sabathani on Friday Dec 21.


Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • Mid quarter grades- end of next week.
  • Dec 24- Jan 1:  NO SCHOOL - Winter recess
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