5th Grade Newsletter - February 19, 2016

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5th Grade Rocks
Dates to Remember

2/20/16   Choir Pancake Breakfast and Book Fair

Wednesday, 2/24 Field Trip to Richardson Nature Center 
February 19, 2016

Make sure you have signed the permission slip for Richardson Nature Center, or your child will call this week with a reminder.
Richardson Nature Center, Wednesday, February 24; dress warm.

Yet another field trip slip will be appearing on your child's planner next week.  We are going to see the Alvin Ailey dance company on March 2.  This is a totally free field trip.  Please sign and return the slip ASAP!


Fifth Grade 101:


Please go over school expectations with your child.  We have had a rash of non-Field like behavior.  95% of the students are+




  Another reminder, growing bodies need rest. 


Have a great weekend.


Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!



 The Fifth Grade Team 

February 12, 2016
This week we are using the History Alive! curriculum, chapter 8, Facing Slavery.  We have been looking at Life Styles of West Africans in 1500s, how Africans treated their African slaves, and how the European traders influenced and dominated the Africans.

Fantastic February is due Friday, February 26.

Make sure I have graded chapter 5 & 6 notebooks, before you throw the old notebook away.
Your child needs a pencil everyday.  Some students still need a new notebook, please check with your child.

We have 2 spelling words so far:  official, February

 Ms Doyle


This week we read some very juicy chapters in Tuck Everlasting! Students were shocked to hear what happened to the antagonist, the man in the yellow suit. Many are eager to keep reading, but we are taking a break in order to start our response to literature. Students will write a 5 paragraph essay answering the question, "Did Mae make a good choice?", which connects to our essential question, "How do we make difficult choices?" Using our response to literature, we will then have a shared inquiry discussion next week on this topic. I am excited to hear students' opinions! 

We took three column notes on parts of a 5 paragraph essay and voice. Check out the rubric online. 

Upcoming due dates:
2/25: Response to Literature 
2/26: Scrip/Scrib root of the week  

For reasons beyond my understanding, I am sometimes unable to upload assignments to Weebly. Know that if you are hoping to download an assignment, but it's not there, I will try again later. Ugh, technology! 

Don't forgot to use the website in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities. 

Mrs. Kolbinger 

S.P.A.M.     2/19/16

(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)



I hope we have enough snow for snowshoeing next week!


We have started the infamous Chocolate unit.  

The science skills we work on in this unit include collecting data, forming an hypothesis, processes, and categorization, using the medium of chocolate.  We will have more history and one last Lab next week before we leave this sweet unit!!


This week's Homework:


'An Ode to Chocolate' due Feb. 25.  The students have what guidelines are needed for this assignment in their Science Notebooks.  I will also continue to talk about the assignment until it is due.


You can find complete directions on my website.




The 5th grade team REALLY needs disinfecting wipes-  and lots of tissue for lots of runny fifth grade noses.  Thanks!



My website is finally up again and I have learned how to attach worksheets from my computer.  It works on my end, I hope it does on your side of the website!


Ms Hill's Web Site 







Ms Hill   




This week we reviewed our 6th grade learning targets and played Jeopardy on Friday to continue once more on reviewing and reinforcing the new 6th grade learning targets. On Monday, we will dive into the last investigation in Bits and Pieces II. This investigation will require students to draw pictures and use the algorithm for dividing fractions. 

Mr. Frank, my sub, will start on Monday. We will try our bests to make the transition as smooth as possible for the students by keeping the same rules, routines and expectations in the classroom.

Please continue using my website to find daily homework assignments and math websites to practice at home.

Thanks for all your support and have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Rausch
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Reading B.E.S.T.   books-apple-icon2.jpg 
February  2016
Bev Halvorson
Reading Interventionist

AVID This Week

We are working on marking text for deeper learning.  We have begun numbering paragraphs and finding key words. 

Our students are learning to use two-column and 3-column notes in several classes.  This is the first step to working toward Cornell Notes.  Ask your child if they understand these strategies.  We will be supporting students until they reach mastery. 
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