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A few pictures from 
our Fort Snelling 
Environmental Field Trip! 
Fort Snelling Entrance Fort Snelling Lake Fort Snelling Crayfish Fort Snelling Canoe Fort Snelling Circle
5th Grade Rocks
January 11, 2013 


 Lots of boots. Some are making their way to the classroom.

Winter clothesPlease see that your child has shoes each day or a pair to leave at school.


 During the month of January, Advisory students are reviewing skills from previous grades - address, phone number, telling time and cursive. 


Quarter 2/Semester 1 ends on Thursday.  We will start the new quarter after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


 Sneeze in your sleeve



Also, we have lots of flu and sniffles going around. Please talk with your 5th-grader about good hand-washing practice, and good coughing and sneezingHand Wash sign

techniques... the new info from  the health authorities about coughing and sneezing  is now to "Do it in your sleeve!"




The Fifth Grade Team



Language Arts


We had quite a successful Spelling Bee! It went on for 3 days without stumping these spellers.  Period 1 students will continue on Monday.  Winners were declared in all other classes including 2 second place winners.  Congratulations to many strong spellers in 5th grade.  
We have finished all the performance fork for Quarter 2.  Students should have turned in an Expository Paragraph today.  If not, it needs to be completed over the weekend.  
On Monday we will start our next unit about belonging and success.  I always mention that Bud, not Buddy is about a boy during the Great Depression who is in foster care and then searches for the man he thinks is his father.  This may be a sensitive issue for families with foster care or adoption in their experience.  While I know first-hand the joys of adoption, I understand, too, the feeling of loss or confusion children experience.  Please contact me with questions, concerns or a heads-up as needed. I want this to be a novel everyone enjoys.
All students should bring a new folder and notebook for Language Arts to class on Tuesday, January 22
January 11, 2013

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

*More Science news next week.



Ms Hill


Math Logo 1

Jan 11, 2013 


 Fractions and percents. We've been doing a lot of talking about them in class. It's amazing how much better the students are getting at discussing these clearly and properly, and using the right terminology.


Students are getting very adept at creating equivalent fractions, and we are changing our emphasis now to "comparing" fractions that are not equal.


I am planning on having our first QUIZ on fractions on Tuesday of next week. This quiz will be included in Quarter 2Fraction Decimal Percent grades. Students who have good, well-organized math binders will have an advantage, as they will be able to access this valuable resource as they need to. Students will need to know how to describe the parts of a fraction (numerator and denominator), have an understanding of what "percent" means, and be able to create, compare, and order equivalent and non-equivalent fractions and percents.


     Last week I mentioned that it was my intention to begin to include some "Challenge" items on various assignments, and I am still hoping to do so. I hope to be listing these challenge items on my webpage each day as assigned. Challenge items would optional, but will allow students who choose to do them to go a bit deeper into the subject at hand.  I have not yet begun to include these items as I work out the details of implementation... watch for them to begin early in the 2nd semester.


    - Mr. Usem



I am having problems with my GRADEBOOK.

Updates to grades are currently not saving correctly, and GPA for the quarter might not display correctly in my GRADEBOOK for individual students at this time.

I will repeat this message here and on my web page until we have repaired the problem in the GRADEBOOK, and are confident of correct totals.

 Stay tuned!


~   ~   ~ 

To access my personal teacher webpage... with resources for students and parents!

Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, and has resources with PDF versions of our Unit Packets that can be downloaded and printed as necessary.

Social StudiesSocial Studies


 January 11    





*More Social Studies news

next week.



Ms Fernandez   


Watch this space for upcoming events!
Thanks for the glue sticks.  It is great to do projects that stick with you.


** NEW after-school 

M.C.E. MATH class

for 5th & 6th Graders

 is being offered at Field for students interested in an extra challenge.


Wednesdays from January 9

thru March 27

Registrations due by Friday,

January 4, 2013.

To read a description of the class

please CLICK on link below...

"Continental Math League"


Questions? Please contact [Karalyn.Swanson@mpls.k12.mn.us]



Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • January 17: Last day of Semester One
  • January 18:  Release Day (no school for students)
  • January 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Release day (No school)
  • January 22: Semester Two, Quarter Three begins
  • January 31: Group Picture Day
  • February 18: President's Day (No school)
  • February 26 and 27: Winter Environmental Field Trip (students will be gone on the trip only one of the two days, as the provider can only handle half of our 5th-grade students at one time)
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