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Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember




  • Jan. 17, no school for students (end of marking period
  • Martin Luther King Jr. release day
  • Jan.23, choir concert
January 17, 2014

Welcome to the BRRR Year!


Semester One has come and gone.  This year is flying!  
 Our singing and guitar playing fifth graders did a great job at this week's concert.  We look forward to hearing the band students next week.

The weather is really jumping around.  Warm (well maybe not WARM, but comparatively) one day, brutally cold the next.  We like the students to get a snoot full of fresh air midday.  Please make sure they are dressed to chill! 

Our Winter Environmental Field Trip is fast approaching.  Watch for a field trip slip in the near future. 



Fifth Grade 101: Semester Grades

It is that time of year- please make sure your child has notebooks, looseleaf paper and PENCILS.  We need children that are ready to learn.  This means they have what they need to participate.  Thanks ahead of time for helping your child get ready!! 









Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 

English Language Arts

This week we worked hard wrapping up our persuasive writing projects. I really enjoyed seeing all the creativity, and was excited about all the successful essays (95% at a B or above)! Ask your child to show you their projects- you'll be impressed! 

We also began quarter 3's unit, 
Number the Stars. We will be asking ourselves the question "Is it our duty as humans to take responsibility for others in need?" We spent Wed. and Thurs. discussing the historical background surrounding our book (Holocaust, Nazis, Hitler, concentration camps, ghettos). Students had tons of questions, so you might see your child doing some extra research on the topic as I didn't have time to address all the curiosities in two class periods! Students got a chance to read newspaper articles from 1943 that discussed how Swedes helped Jewish Danes escape Hitler's wrath. We marked the text for important and shocking parts, and then practiced a three paragraph summary. We will continue to work on summarization throughout the unit. 
Next week we'll read a poem and cover poetry terms. We will hopefully begin the exciting Number the Stars novel by the end of the week. 

BEST classes: we will be moving into our WWII non-fiction unit that pairs with our Lang. Arts novel next week. We will be reading
 Zatala's Diary, which is similar to Anne Frank's, but taken place during the Bosnian War. I would like the students to keep a diary about their lives just like Zatala and Anne. If possible, please get your child a little pocket "diary" or notebook. These can be found at the dollar store, Target, Wal-Mart, and even gas stations or grocery stores (no more than $3). If you cannot find/get one for your child let me know and I can help!

Stay Warm!

Questions/comments  about ELA? Want to see our class/5th grade calendar? Need an extra copy of the reading log or other homework? Visit our classroom website at: www.mrskolbinger.weebly.com 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 


 Science promotes academic mastery!



Human Growth!  We have started this unit with Boy body parts.  Almost all said it wasn't as gross as they thought it would 

be. We move on to the Girl body parts next week., and then we will go into changes that happen during puberty.


After Human Growth, Students will need looseleaf notebook paper to construct their notebooks.


Ms Hill






Sorry about last week, we had a glitch in the system and the math section never got uploaded to the current weeks information. So, last week we took our Algebra final and the results were phenomenal, 95% of the students scored an A or B on it! 


This week we dove into 6th grade Algebra. The students thrived and went above and beyond with their problem solving strategies! Students reflected on the unit and the common theme was that they were proud of themselves with the overall unit, loved learning how to create a table, graph, equation, and story problem that all linked together, and enjoy the hands on activities that were implemented in the unit! The students requested more computer games, so for quarter three I will see what's out there and if possible bring more into the classroom!


Starting Tuesday we will jump into our next unit on rational numbers. We will be using a 6th grade textbook called Bits and Piece II! The students and myself are very excited to unfold this new chapter of 6th grade math in the 5th grade classroom!


Students will be checking out a textbook on Tuesday and will be responsible to bring it to and from school every day. Also, students will need a notebook from now on for math to keep them organized while working out of the textbook. If you'd like to donate an extra notebook to the classroom for those who don't bring one, that'd be greatly appreciated! 



Have a wonderful and warm weekend!


~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies


Social Studies

 January 17, 2014


 We  are in Chapter 8: Facing Slavery.  It is by far the most interesting chapter.  We will learn what West Africa was like in the 1500s and we have started the first dilemma.


There will be a paper test on chapter 8, with a time line, matching vocabulary, and multiple choice.  It is never too early to review notes and talk about what went on in class. 


New spelling words will reveal themselves this next week.  Students have been studying; thank you. 



Ms. Doyle 

5th Grade Families

The 6th Grade and Beyond information meeting has been rescheduled from January 30th to February 20th.  Mark your calendar and plan to come and hear what lies ahead as you transition to 6th grade and beyond.  Watch for more information in the near future.



Steve Norlin-Weaver


Field School

Executive Director

Minnesota Middle School Association

North Region Trustee

Association for Middle Level Education






We are in need of more facial tissue and the science room could use more cleaning wipes with bleach.  We like clean tables!

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