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Dates to Remember



  • January 28- rescheduled music concert.
January 24, 2014

Tis still applies_Welcome to the BRRR Year!


The weather outside is frightful!  It seems we are going to school every other day- with a holiday or a cold-off day in between.  Next week may be a repeat of former weeks. Watch the T.V. for weather and school closing  messages.  Who knows, this may go on til the end of February!

We will be going on an environmental Field trip the second week in February.  We will split the team and go on two days.  The fifth grade team is so large that not many venues can accommodate us in one visit.  Watch for field trip slips in your child's backpack.



Fifth Grade 101: Semester Grades

 This still applies....


It is that time of year- please make sure your child has notebooks, looseleaf paper and PENCILS.  We need children that are ready to learn.  This means they have what they need to participate.  Thanks ahead of time for helping your child get ready!! 


Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 

English Language Arts

This week we dug deep into the poem "To The Little Polish Boy Standing With His Arms Up" by Peter L. Fishl. We are taking some time learning about the poetry elements of the piece, analyzing the photo that accompanies it, and summarizing each section. They are doing wonderfully collaborating with their peers to come up with thoughtful summaries. 

Next week we will wrap up the poem and being the book (finally)! Hopefully school will be in session all week so we can get caught up on work we've missed. We will also be learning the vocabulary for chapters 1-5. 

A new homework assignment went out this week. Please check with your child to see what has changed. These are the things you should notice: two less questions a week will be answered- they can pick any question out of the four they want answered; in their answer they will need to include evidence from the text including page number and quotation marks. ROOT OF THE WEEK is starting. They should use a dictionary for this activity. They need to find 4 words that contain that root, write three sentences, and draw one picture. This week's root is con/com- with, together, common. Next week we will be discussing any questions kids have about the new homework. They are due 1/31.

BEST classes: we will be moving into our WWII non-fiction unit that pairs with our Lang. Arts novel next week. We will be reading Zatala's Diary, which is similar to Anne Frank's, but taken place during the Bosnian War. I would like the students to keep a diary about their lives just like Zatala and Anne. If possible, please get your child a little pocket "diary" or notebook. These can be found at the dollar store, Target, Wal-Mart, and even gas stations or grocery stores (no more than $3). If you cannot find/get one for your child let me know and I can help!

Stay Warm!

Questions/comments  about ELA? Want to see our class/5th grade calendar? Need an extra copy of the reading log or other homework? Visit our classroom website at: www.mrskolbinger.weebly.com 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 


 Science promotes academic mastery!



We finished up with boys and will start with girls on Monday. We discussed body changes in puberty and through adolescence.  It was an interesting discussion.

We will have a guest speaker next week to talk about premature infants and the affect drugs and alcohol have on growing fetuses.  

Stay warm!


Ms Hill






This week we started sixth grade math using a textbook called Bits and Pieces II. Students are now required to use a math notebook to stay organized with their weekly Do Nows, classwork, and homework.


I will continue posting the homework assignments that are due on my website with a description of the page number and problems assigned. I will not have PDF's attached since it will be out of the book. If I assign homework not from the book, then I will upload a PDF of it.


Lastly, I added a new math website to my webpage and I'd strongly recommend all students take a look at it over the weekend. The website is labeled "NLVM Practice" and the skill students should practice is called "Fractions- Adding."  (Bits and Pieces II covers multiplying and dividing fractions, so if students have a good handle on adding and subtracting fractions they will be more successful and better understand the topics!)


Have a wonderful and warm weekend!


~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies


Social Studies

 January 24, 2014


 What a short week it was. We  are in Chapter 8: Facing Slavery.  We have been on the "Middle Passage" all week, and this is the second dilemma.


There will be a paper test on chapter 8, with a time line, matching vocabulary, and multiple choice.  It is never too early to review notes and talk about what went on in class. 


New spelling words are village, capture.   


PLEASE sign planner: this shows the student is talking about Social Study issues, reviewing notes, or studying spelling words. 



Ms. Doyle 

5th Grade Families

The 6th Grade and Beyond information meeting has been rescheduled from January 30th to February 20th.  Mark your calendar and plan to come and hear what lies ahead as you transition to 6th grade and beyond.  Watch for more information in the near future.



Steve Norlin-Weaver


Field School

Executive Director

Minnesota Middle School Association

North Region Trustee

Association for Middle Level Education






We are in need of more facial tissue and the science room could use more cleaning wipes with bleach.  We like clean tables!

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