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January 25, 2013 

It has been a cold week.  Indoor recess, cold bus stops, cold rooms.  We are ready for this weekend's warm-up.


We are sending out a big 'GET WELL' to Ms Fernandez.  She broke her arm a week ago.  We look forward to her return!


Third quarter started Tuesday.  New schedules were handed out to the students that had class changes.  Other students' schedules stay the same.  Ask your child about their schedules.


Conferences are in February.  These conferences are for families of students that are still having difficulty staying on track or keeping organized.  If you have concerns about  your child, please contact your child's first hour teacher.  The conferences are usually with all four core teachers at a time.


Have fun outside this weekend.  Enjoy the (relatively) warm weather!



 During the month of January, Advisory students are reviewing skills from previous grades - address, phone number, telling time and cursive. 




 Sneeze in your sleeve



Also, we have lots of flu and sniffles going around. Please talk with your 5th-grader about good hand-washing practice, and good coughing and sneezingHand Wash sign

techniques... the new info from  the health authorities about coughing and sneezing  is now to "Do it in your sleeve!"






The Fifth Grade Team






Language Arts


Something was missing from this portion of the newsletter last week.  I had the description of our unit on Bud, Not Buddy.  Don't know where it went but I don't think anyone got it.

So,  we have begun reading Bud, Not Buddy.  We finished chapters 1 - 3 this week.  Next week we will read chapters 4 - 7.  We will take notes and discuss the ways an author creates the setting in a novel.

Reading skills we are addressing: setting a purpose for reading, asking questions and synthesis.

Big questions we addressing are: What do we learn about belonging? How does point of view affect our understanding of a text? What actions or experiences contributed to success?

On Tuesday, students will begin a narrative paragraph about a person success.  I expect to see more effort from students on this paragraph than on the last.  The paragraph will be due on February 5. It should reflect a student's highest quality work with neatness and editing.  Look for your child to ask for your help revising at some point that week.

REMEMBER, WE ARE STARTING A NEW READING LOG SO SIGN YOUR CHILD'S PLANNER.  It is also a good time to see that they are using it to record assignments and classwork (especially in Language Arts and Social Studies).

January 25, 2013

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

What is a system?  What is a subsystem?  We have started our engineering/simple machine unit.  We have learned to spot simple machines in every day objects.


Do you have a 'Mouse Trap' game that is sitting around collecting dust?  First, play the game!  It is a 'Rube Goldberg' machine made up of many simple machines.  If you really don't want the game, think about donating it to the science classroom!


We studied the coldest places on Earth- little did we know we were about to become one!


We are in need of facial tissue ( I am trying hard not to use brand names!) in the science room.  Lots of sniffling going on!



Ms Hill


Math Logo 1

Jan 25, 2013 


Not much new this week, other than we started a NEW Quarter and a NEW semester...

OK, I guess that's NEW! 



We're continuing on our fraction and percent unit. While students seem to be able to recognize and convert fractions & percents, this week I found out that many students were having a difficult time when it came to finding the fractional part or percent "of" a quantity. For example, when asked, "What is 25% of 100?", they answered 25/100, or 1/4, rather than the quantity of 25. We took some time to discuss and explore what it means to be a "part" of a quantity. Also, while our curriculum was using clock faces to introduce students to adding fractions, many students (even those that already felt they were comfortable adding fractions) found these "clock fractions" to be confusing... I'm not sure using this was the best choice, but we'll get beyond this quickly.


We'll now be focusing on adding and subtracting fractions. Any practice that the students can do at home would be very helpful... There are many ways to Chocolate Chip cookies exploring adding fractions, including COOKING. Try involving your child in helping you making a double (or even triple) batch of chocolate chip cookies at home from scratch, and having them help you combine different ingredients, discussing how to add the fractions! And the best part... you get to eat them when done!


    - Mr. Usem


~   ~   ~ 

Access my personal teacher webpage... with resources for students and parents!

Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, and has resources with PDF versions of our Unit Packets that can be downloaded and printed as necessary.

Social StudiesSocial Studies  


Ms Fernandez' classes took a test covering chapter 8.  They have began working on chapter 9. 





Jazzy January is due Tuesday, January 29.  Students can create one or two pages about activities they have enjoyed, either school or personal for this month.


Ms Fernandez 




Watch this space for upcoming events!
Thanks for the glue sticks.  It is great to do projects that stick with you.


div style="text-align: left; " align="left">Ms Hill's BEST classes will be participating in the Stock Market Game.  If you have a job, a hobby or an interest in this subject, please email MS Hill!  She can use speakers and helpers! 


Dates to RememberDates to Remember
  • January 21: Martin Luther King Jr Release day
    (No School)
  • January 22: Semester Two, Quarter Three begins
  • January 31: Group Picture Day
  • February 18: President's Day 
    (No school)
  • February 26 and 27: Winter Environmental Field Trip (students will be gone on the trip only one of the two days, as the provider can only handle half of our 5th-grade students at one time)
  • February 28: Parent/teacher conferences - Not necessarily all students - as arranged by teacher and/or parent request (evening times... 3:30-7:30pm)
  • March 1: Parent/teacher conferences - Not necessarily all students - as arranged by teacher and/or parent request (morning times... 7:30-11:30am)
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