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January 6, 2017

Welcome to a new year!  

Shiver me Timbers!  Cold days and indoor recess- we are looking for warmer weather so students can get out and burn off some energy.

When the temperature is above *0, we have outside recess.  Please make sure kids leave with hats, gloves and boots so that they are ready for the bracing air.

It is important for students in instrumental music classes to take home their instrument every night.  Not only do they miss a night of practice, but their instruments are left in the hallway, unattended. 

Have a great weekend!

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January 6, 2017
NEED:  Extra hands to help with a project.  We are into our Native American chapter and their are great projects for each region, this is more fun when I have extra hands, and the students get the attention they desire.  Let me know if you can stop by.

Remember to sign the planner once a week.  This is our way of communicating.  I look forward to getting 100%. 

Spelling words: January,  foreign, coast, sod, buffalo
Test Wednesday, January 11.

Ms. Doyle


This week students have been working on writing their occasional poem, blackout poem, and 6-word memoir. These should all be in at least a rough draft form, if not finalized. Students seem really inspired by the occasional poem and found important things to talk about. The blackout poem was a fun way to see them thinking outside the box- they are required to make a poem out of a newspaper or magazine article by finding words that create an idea, and then blacking out the rest of the article so only the words they chose can be seen. Check out the poetry book rubric on my website for the criteria. 

We also read pages 60-69 in Locomotion. There will be an annotation check coming up for pages 40-79. Make sure your child is up to date with the reading, as many kids have been out sick or on vacation. 

Upcoming due dates:

1/9: blackout poem due
1/11-12: MAP testing
1/13: poetry book
1/17: apostrophes I and II presentation
1/18: semicolons and parentheses presentation 
1/19: pg. 40-79 annotation check 
1/25: all late work 
1/26: quarter 2 ends 

My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities. 

Mrs. Kolbinger 
S.P.A.M.     1/06/17   
(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)

Maps, maps and more maps!  We created a model of a playground, used an overhead grid to trace the equipment we had built, and then turned a 2cm square overhead grid  to a 1cm square grid map. Whew!!!

We have been identifying different forms of maps and using our higher order thinking skills to categorize and sort our map lists.

Next week we work with one of the strongest forces on earth:  Erosion!

No homework this week.

Spoiler Alert:
We will have our Human Growth Unit the first week of February.  Questions?  Please email me.

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Hill
MATHEMATICS 1.6.17 --------
This week we review surface area and volume and took a short quiz cover that content.  Most students have shown mastery of those learning targets.  If students want to retake, they will be given the chance to do so next Friday in class. 

We also started our exploration of 3D solids and creating nets to represent them.  

Next Friday we will take our final test on our Geometry Unit.

Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs. Rausch and Mrs. Lindsay

AVID This Week:
We will be assessing our AVID skills during the next two weeks.   

All students should have received a rubric about communication in groups.  We will be referring to this rubric during upcoming weeks. 
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