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5th grade is a journey, how will you travel? 

We had a great time at our Winter Environmental Field Trip to the Richardson Nature Center! 
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Ms Hill's BEST classes will be participating in the Stock Market Game. Stock Market Game 
 If you have a job, a hobby or an interest in this subject, please email MS Hill!  She can use speakers and helpers! PLEASE! PLEASE!
5th Grade Rocks
March 15, 2013 


Happy Friday!

These last couple of weeks before spring break are hard for all.  We will teach up to the very last minute- and we expect our students to do their part and put all of their effort into learning.  Socialization is important, but not during class time! Let's work together to make these next two weeks happy for all!!


Fifth Grade 101:

We are coming up to another quarter change.  Has your child used up all of their pencils and/or notebooks?  Do they know where their binders are?  Can they put their hands on library books?  Quarter changes are a great time to get on track and ready for learning.




Note... Tissue box

We have run out of tissues in many of our classrooms.

With 130 students coming through each classroom each day and all of the colds this year, we have been going through almost a box a day in each classroom. Since everyone uses these tissues at one time or another, if you have not brought in a box of tissues since the first of the year, please send a box with your student for us to share in the classroom.  
Believe us, it's much healthier and pleasant in class when students have tissues available when they need them!  ...THANKS! 


 The Fifth Grade Team


Language Arts


We have had 90% again! This time for the completion of the Narrative Essay second draft.  Thanks so much to all students and families.  Now I can focus on reading the essays rather than chasing down the late ones.  I intend to return essays next Thursday.
I have been steadily correcting the Bud, Not Buddy test and will return those on Monday.  So far the results look good.  The grade book for teachers was being updated this week so new class assignments will be posted soon.
We jumped into a Listen, Speak, View unit on Monday.  It has some overlap with the last unit.  For example, today we tried some drama activities using characters or events from the novel. These activities are a fun way to help students get used to addressing an audience, use creative and flexible thinking, and use self-control.
You will see that your student brought home a gray sheet with a speech assignment on it.  The presentation days will be March 21, 27 or 28.  This is the last Performance assignment of the quarter.  Students have lots of choice in this project.  Most students will recite a published work or retell a familiar story (fable, folktale, favorite bedtime story). Please assist in their selections at home or remind them that I have copies of several poems and stories at school to choose from. There should be so much practice at home that even the dog knows the text.  Note cards are a must. I will show examples of them on Monday.  Props or visuals are optional as well as having a 'contributor' to a speech that requires 2 voices.  Students need my approval before planning to use their own writing.
There are 2 weeks left to earn points for the reading log.  Some students are painfully behind while most classes have 50% reaching the 100 point goal already.  If you haven't been signing a reading log lately, please encourage your child to read a book or two.  Remember to sign the reading log in the planner (a note is okay, too).

March 15, 2013Microscope

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)   


Nothing like chocolate to get a kid's attention!  We have had a fun week learning about chocolate history, different types of chocolate, and chemical reactions that make chocolate stable and transportable.  What happens when chocolate is exposed to heat?  Even for six minutes! 

Your child should be able to explain the process of tempering.

We watched our chocolate stay in shape long after anybody thought it possibly could.  The best part of any lab, though, is eating chocolate!  We have two labs and some more history to learn before we finish this unit.  Then it is on to Environments.


No homework this week.

Have a great weekend!





Ms Hill


Math Logo 1

Mar 15, 2013 


We just finished our decimal unit. We ended up with subtraction of decimals, which was not included in our Investigations packet, so I supplemented with couple of fun worksheets that incorporated decimal subtraction.

 Decimal numbers

Monday we will have a Unit #6 Review session. Students should look over the material from the unit (decimals, fractions, percent, and place value), and write down any questions they might have about the material; they should then bring their questions to ask in class on Monday. We will go over questions first, and then students will be given a review packet to do Monday night to prepare for the Unit #6 Test on Tuesday.


Thanks to all the parents who have been helping their children hand in the many late and missing assignments that students have had. By Monday morning, all scores should be updated for all late assignments and Re-tests submitted last week.



We will start our new unit #5 "Measuring Polygons" on 2-D geometry and measurement on Wednesday. This should be a welcome change from all of the fractions, decimals, and percents with which we've been working!


    - Mr. Usem


~   ~   ~ 

Access my personal teacher webpage... with resources for students and parents!

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  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, and has resources with PDF versions of our Unit Packets that can be downloaded and printed as necessary.

(*PLEASE NOTE: Late scores will show up with an "L" code attached to them. I code "re-test scores" with a "point one" ending; they will always show up as " X.1 ", so that everyone can know that this is not a regular score, but a re-test.)
This next week we'll refine our technique and do a lot of practicing adding and subtracting decimals.
Social StudiesSocial Studies  


March 15, 2013


We have completed Chapter 10, (1700's) Growing Tensions Between the Colonies & Britain.  Students understand taxation without representation. 


 Spelling words: grievances, revolution, independence, Philadelphia, traitors.  Test on Wednesday, March 20. 


These words should be in the students planner.   


 Ms Fernandez 







Join us for dinner and an evening full of information for parents about Field and what to expect next year and beyond!

Tuesday April 16, 2013

Field Commons

6:00-7:30 p.m.


More details to follow!



Wendy Wolff

Field School Counselor



Thanks to the Field COMMUNITY for all your fantastic efforts raising money for Pennies for Patients and the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. We raised $908.73! Many praises to the top 5 fundraising Advisories! We will make the official announcement on Monday at Lunch to students!


(drumroll)....  CONGRATULATIONS!

1)      Marni HECK! 6th grade- $215.28

2)      Mark USEM! 5th grade- $202.92

3)      Ruth LEMAY! 5th grade - $78.38

4)      Lonna WILSON! 6th grade- $59.63

5)      HALASZ! 7th grade -$52.77


Below are links to Pennies for Patients videos of kids who are fighting cancer who benefit from the research and programs that are developed with the money raised...they are very grateful... 






These efforts help us teach students to CARE and be AWARE of issues that impact others.



Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember:

  • March 18-22- Spirit Week:
    • Monday:  Ugly sweater day
    • Tuesday:  Too Big Clothes Day
    • Wednesday:  Water Day
    • Thursday:  Superhero Day
    • Friday: Pajama Day  
  • March 28: End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 29 - April 5: SPRING BREAK (No School)
  • April 8: 4th Quarter begins



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